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What are the steps to configure the HTTPS Inspection Policy?

  • A. Go to Manage&Settings > Blades > HTTPS Inspection > Configure in SmartDashboard
  • B. Go to Application&url filtering blade > Advanced > Https Inspection > Policy
  • C. Go to Manage&Settings > Blades > HTTPS Inspection > Policy
  • D. Go to Application&url filtering blade > Https Inspection > Policy

Answer: C


Fill in the blank: When LDAP is integrated with Check Point Security Management, it is then referred to as ______

  • A. UserCheck
  • B. User Directory
  • C. User Administration
  • D. User Center

Answer: B

Check Point User Directory integrates LDAP, and other external user management technologies, with the Check Point solution. If you have a large user count, we recommend that you use an external user management database such as LDAP for enhanced Security Management Server performance.


When configuring LDAP User Directory integration, Changes applied to a User Directory template are:

  • A. Reflected immediately for all users who are using template.
  • B. Not reflected for any users unless the local user template is changed.
  • C. Reflected for all users who are using that template and if the local user template is changed as well.
  • D. Not reflected for any users who are using that template.

Answer: A

The users and user groups are arranged on the Account Unit in the tree structure of the LDAP server. User management in User Directory is external, not local. You can change the User Directory templates. Users
associated with this template get the changes immediately. You can change user definitions manually in SmartDashboard, and the changes are immediate on the server.


Which Check Point feature enables application scanning and the detection?

  • A. Application Dictionary
  • B. AppWiki
  • C. Application Library
  • D. CPApp

Answer: B

AppWiki Application Classification Library
AppWiki enables application scanning and detection of more than 5,000 distinct applications and over 300,000 Web 2.0 widgets including instant messaging, social networking, video streaming, VoIP, games and more.


Fill in the blank: A new license should be generated and installed in all of the following situations EXCEPT when ____.

  • A. The license is attached to the wrong Security Gateway
  • B. The existing license expires
  • C. The license is upgraded
  • D. The IP address of the Security Management or Security Gateway has changed

Answer: A

There is no need to generate new license in this situation, just need to detach license from wrong Security Gateway and attach it to the right one.


What CLI utility allows an administrator to capture traffic along the firewall inspection chain?

  • A. show interface (interface) –chain
  • B. tcpdump
  • C. tcpdump /snoop
  • D. fw monitor

Answer: D


Your users are defined in a Windows 2008 R2 Active Directory server. You must add LDAP users to a Client Authentication rule. Which kind of user group do you need in the Client Authentication rule in R77?

  • A. External-user group
  • B. LDAP group
  • C. A group with a genetic user
  • D. All Users

Answer: B


Which feature in R77 permits blocking specific IP addresses for a specified time period?

  • A. Suspicious Activity Monitoring
  • B. HTTP Methods
  • C. Local Interface Spoofing
  • D. Block Port Overflow

Answer: A


Fill in the blank: In Security Gateways R75 and above, SIC uses _____ for encryption.

  • A. AES-128
  • B. AES-256
  • C. DES
  • D. 3DES

Answer: A


How many users can have read/write access in Gaia at one time?

  • A. Infinite
  • B. One
  • C. Three
  • D. Two

Answer: B


Administrator Dave logs into R80 Management Server to review and makes some rule changes. He notices that there is a padlock sign next to the DNS rule in the Rule Base.
156-215.80 dumps exhibit
What is the possible Explanation: for this?

  • A. DNS Rule is using one of the new feature of R80 where an administrator can mark a rule with the padlock icon to let other administrators know it is important.
  • B. Another administrator is logged into the Management and currently editing the DNS Rule.
  • C. DNS Rule is a placeholder rule for a rule that existed in the past but was deleted.
  • D. This is normal behavior in R80 when there are duplicate rules in the Rule Base.

Answer: B


Which identity Source(s) should be selected in Identity Awareness for when there is a requirement for a higher level of security for sensitive servers?

  • A. ADQuery
  • B. Terminal Servers Endpoint Identity Agent
  • C. Endpoint Identity Agent and Browser-Based Authentication
  • D. RADIUS and Account Logon

Answer: D


If there are two administrators logged in at the same time to the SmartConsole, and there are objects locked for editing, what must be done to make them available to other administrators? Choose the BEST answer.

  • A. Publish or discard the session.
  • B. Revert the session.
  • C. Save and install the Policy.
  • D. Delete older versions of database.

Answer: A

To make changes available to all administrators, and to unlock the objects and rules that are being edited, the administrator must publish the session.
To make your changes available to other administrators, and to save the database before installing a policy, you must publish the session. When you publish a session, a new database version is created.
When you select Install Policy, you are prompted to publish all unpublished changes. You cannot install a policy if the included changes are not published.


The WebUI offers three methods for downloading Hotfixes via CPUSE. One of them is Automatic method. How many times per day will CPUSE agent check for hotfixes and automatically download them?

  • A. Six times per day
  • B. Seven times per day
  • C. Every two hours
  • D. Every three hours

Answer: D


Which of the following ClusterXL modes uses a non-unicast MAC address for the cluster IP address?

  • A. High Availability
  • B. Load Sharing Multicast
  • C. Load Sharing Pivot
  • D. Master/Backup

Answer: B

ClusterXL uses the Multicast mechanism to associate the virtual cluster IP addresses with all cluster members. By binding these IP addresses to a Multicast MAC address, it ensures that all packets sent to the cluster, acting as a gateway, will reach all members in the cluster.


Fill in the blank: The R80 SmartConsole, SmartEvent GUI client, and _____ consolidate billions of logs and shows them as prioritized security events.

  • A. SmartMonitor
  • B. SmartView Web Application
  • C. SmartReporter
  • D. SmartTracker

Answer: B

Event Analysis with SmartEvent
The SmartEvent Software Blade is a unified security event management and analysis solution that delivers real-time, graphical threat management information. SmartConsole, SmartView Web Application, and the SmartEvent GUI client consolidate billions of logs and show them as prioritized security events so you can immediately respond to security incidents, and do the necessary actions to prevent more attacks. You can customize the views to monitor the events that are most important to you. You can move from a high level view to detailed forensic analysis in a few clicks. With the free-text search and suggestions, you can quickly run data analysis and identify critical security events.


Choose what BEST describes the Policy Layer Traffic Inspection.

  • A. If a packet does not match any of the inline layers, the matching continues to the next Layer.
  • B. If a packet matches an inline layer, it will continue matching the next layer.
  • C. If a packet does not match any of the inline layers, the packet will be matched against the Implicit Clean-up Rule.
  • D. If a packet does not match a Network Policy Layer, the matching continues to its inline layer.

Answer: B


Which of the following commands is used to verify license installation?

  • A. Cplic verify license
  • B. Cplic print
  • C. Cplic show
  • D. Cplic license

Answer: B


When Identity Awareness is enabled, which identity source(s) is(are) used for Application Control?

  • B. Remote Access and RADIUS
  • C. AD Query
  • D. AD Query and Browser-based Authentication

Answer: D

Identity Awareness gets identities from these acquisition sources:
AD Query
Browser-Based Authentication
Endpoint Identity Agent
Terminal Servers Identity Agent
Remote Access


Look at the screenshot below. What CLISH command provides this output?
156-215.80 dumps exhibit

  • A. show configuration all
  • B. show confd configuration
  • C. show confd configuration all
  • D. show configuration

Answer: D


Which of the following is NOT a component of a Distinguished Name?

  • A. Organization Unit
  • B. Country
  • C. Common name
  • D. User container

Answer: D

Distinguished Name Components
CN=common name, OU=organizational unit, O=organization, L=locality, ST=state or province, C=country name


Fill in the blank: To create policy for traffic to or from a particular location, use the_____ .

  • A. DLP shared policy
  • B. Geo policy shared policy
  • C. Mobile Access software blade
  • D. HTTPS inspection

Answer: B

Shared Policies
The Shared Policies section in the Security Policies shows the policies that are not in a Policy package. T are shared between all Policy packages.
Shared policies are installed with the Access Control Policy. Software Blade
Description Mobile Access
Launch Mobile Access policy in a SmartConsole. Configure how your remote users access internal resources, such as their email accounts, when they are mobile.
DLP Launch Data Loss Prevention policy in a SmartConsole. Configure advanced tools to automatically identify data that must not go outside the network, to block the leak, and to educate users.
Geo Policy
Create a policy for traffic to or from specific geographical or political locations. References:


Administrator Kofi has just made some changes on his Management Server and then clicks on the Publish button in SmartConsole but then gets the error message shown in the screenshot below.
Where can the administrator check for more information on these errors?
156-215.80 dumps exhibit

  • A. The Log and Monitor section in SmartConsole
  • B. The Validations section in SmartConsole
  • C. The Objects section in SmartConsole
  • D. The Policies section in SmartConsole

Answer: B

Validation Errors
The validations pane in SmartConsole shows configuration error messages. Examples of errors are object names that are not unique, and the use of objects that are not valid in the Rule Base.
To publish, you must fix the errors.


The SmartEvent R80 Web application for real-time event monitoring is called:

  • A. SmartView Monitor
  • B. SmartEventWeb
  • C. There is no Web application for SmartEvent
  • D. SmartView

Answer: B


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