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Which two statements are true regarding the use of firmware update packages in vSphere Lifecycle Manager? (Choose two.)

  • A. The firmware and drivers add-on can add or remove components from the ESXi base image.
  • B. The firmware and drivers add-on can be used on clusters that are managed with baselines.
  • C. The firmware and drivers add-on are distributed through the official VMware online depot.
  • D. A hardware support manager must be registered as a vCenter Server extension.
  • E. The firmware and drivers add-on is provided by a third-party vendor.

Answer: AB

Which two VMware features are supported in a virtual machine using Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) technology? (Choose two.)

  • A. vSphere vMotion
  • B. Storage I/O Control
  • C. Virtual machine suspend and resume
  • D. VM encryption
  • E. Fault tolerance

Answer: BE

Refer to the exhibit.
2V0-21.20 dumps exhibit
Which trusted infrastructure component is missing and represented by the area labeled "A?"

  • A. Attestation Service
  • B. Key Provider Service
  • C. vSphere Virtual Machine Encryption
  • D. Key Management Server

Answer: A

An administrator is tasked with upgrading an existing VMware vSphere 6.5 environment to version 7.0. There are existing VMFS3 and VMFS5 datastores in the environment.
Which two statements are true regarding this upgrade? (Choose two.)

  • A. An ESXi 7.0 host can automatically upgrade a VMFS5 datastore.
  • B. VMFS3 is no longer supported with ESXi 7.0.
  • C. VMFS5 is no longer supported with ESXi 7.0.
  • D. An ESXi 7.0 host will automatically upgrade a VMFS3 datastore when discovered.
  • E. A VMFS3 datastore cannot be upgraded; a new VMFS6 datastore is required.

Answer: CE

Which type of network adapter is designed to provide connectivity to hosts and handle the standard system traffic of vSphere vMotion?

  • A. VXLAN virtual tunnel end point (VXLAN VTEP)
  • B. VM network
  • C. Virtual machine network interface card (VMNIC)
  • D. VMkernel port

Answer: B

There are two vSphere clusters in a company environment. One cluster is hosting development workloads and another is hosting production workloads. Both vSphere clusters are managed by the same vCenter Server. The application team would like to move a new virtual machine from the development to production cluster with no downtime.
Which feature would allow non-disruptive movement between these two clusters?

  • A. vSphere High Availability
  • B. vSphere Replication
  • C. vSphere vMotion
  • D. Cross vCenter Migration

Answer: B

What is a requirement of Storage I/O Control?

  • A. Storage connected through Fibre Channel
  • B. Automated storage tiering capabilities
  • C. Management by a single vCenter Server
  • D. Datastores with multiple extents

Answer: B

A single host is manually configured to company standards.
Which option would an administrator select to capture this configuration for future use?

  • A. Reset Host Customizations
  • B. Import Host Profile
  • C. Extract Host Profile
  • D. Attach Host Profile

Answer: C

An IT department is experiencing random hardware failures that are costing the company money. The CIO is looking for technical support beyond traditional break/fix with enhanced visibility and proactive insights into the environment at no additional cost.
Which VMware service meets the needs of the CIO?

  • A. VMware Global Support Services
  • B. VMware Premier Support
  • C. vRealize Operations Manager
  • D. VMware Skyline

Answer: C

Which step is required when adding an existing hard disk that is configured as a boot disk during virtual machine creation?

  • A. Set the boot delay to at least 5,000 milliseconds.
  • B. Enable Secure Boot.
  • C. Select 'RDM Disk' from the 'Add New Device' drop-down menu.
  • D. Remove the existing disk before adding the boot disk.

Answer: B

vCenter High Availability (HA) protects vCenter Server against host and hardware failures. What is the minimum number of ESXi hosts required to enable this capability?

  • A. 3
  • B. 1
  • C. 7
  • D. 5

Answer: C

An administrator is unable to manage certificates with the vSphere Client. What is another supported option that can be used to manage certificates?

  • A. vCenter Server Management Interface
  • B. Cloud Builder
  • C. Command Line Interface
  • D. vRealize Operations Manager

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.
2V0-21.20 dumps exhibit
Which two statements are true regarding the state of the virtual machine (VM) if an administrator clicks the "Delete AH" option? (Choose two.)

  • A. No snapshots will remain on the VM.
  • B. The VM state will match Snap-A.
  • C. The VM state will match Snap-B.
  • D. The VM state will match Snap-C.
  • E. Snap-A will be intact on the VM.

Answer: BE

Refer to the exhibit.
2V0-21.20 dumps exhibit
Which two migration methods can an administrator use to move virtual machines from the SA-Dev cluster to the SA-Compute cluster? (Choose two.)

  • A. Hot migration of compute resource only
  • B. Hot migration of compute resource and storage resource
  • C. Cold migration of compute resource only
  • D. Cold migration of compute resource and storage resource
  • E. Cold migration of storage only

Answer: CD

Refer to the exhibit.
2V0-21.20 dumps exhibit
An administrator is consistently receiving an alarm regarding a CPU performance issue; however, there is NO CPU issue identified. What can the administrator do to make sure the alarm is triggered when there is an actual CPU performance issue?

  • A. Change 'is below' to 'is above.' Change.'
  • B. Show as Critical' to 'Show as Warning.'
  • C. Change 'VM CPU Ready Time' to 'VM Memory Usage.'
  • D. Change 'VM CPU Ready Time' to VM CPU Usage.'

Answer: B

An administrator can attach a baseline to which two inventory objects? (Choose two.)

  • A. Resource pools
  • B. ESXi hosts
  • C. Data centers
  • D. Datastores
  • E. Templates

Answer: BC

What are two functions of vSphere Lifecycle Manager? (Choose two.)

  • A. Run vCenter Server upgrade pre-checks
  • B. Update ESXi hosts in a cluster using baselines
  • C. Update standalone ESXi hosts using images
  • D. Upgrade VMware Tools and virtual machine hardware
  • E. Run vCenter Server interoperability reports

Answer: AE


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