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Q11. Identify the license type required for (A) Cold and Warm and (B) Hot Standby or Backup Systems. A. A full copy of all software required for both (A) and (B) B. (A) No separate entitlement required, (B) Customer must acquire a license or entitlement(s) C. (A) Customer must acquire a license or entitlement(s). (B) No separate entitlement required D. A software meter must be installed on th

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Q31. TRIRIGA Projects offers enterprise project management, program management, fund source management and vendor bid management capabilities to deliver which business benefits? A. Simplified navigation and control, adaptive portal layouts and streamlined application processes B. Comprehensive suite of operational and analytical applications C. Single technology platform, scalability and enterp

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Q21. Identify an example combination of (A) Core business solution and (B) Add-on license. A. TREES Impact Manager and (B) CAD Integrator / Publisher B. TRIRIGA Real Estate Manager and (B) TRIRIGA Projects Manager C. TRIRIGA Facilities Manager and (B) Strategic Facility Planning D. TRIRIGA Workplace Operations Manager and (B) TRIRIGA Facility Assessment E. Both C and D Answer: B Q22. What

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Q1. What is the best way to position 'Challengers", like FM Systems. Oracle and SAP? A. Challengers require multiple applications and database integrations to build single IWMS solution B. Challengers have untested products and service quality C. Challengers have weaknesses or gaps in their product or service offerings D. Challengers are typically limited to one geographic region Answer:

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Q1. How to position IBM TRIRIGA's Strength: A. IBM's Business Analytics solution provides workplace solutions B. IBM's Smarter Building initiative helps customers support new lease accounting standards, strategic facility planning, and increase energy efficiency C. IBM Smart Cloud Control Desk helps customers manage configuration changes D. IBM Smart Storage offers unlimited disk-

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Q1. Identify the benefits of the TRIRIGA Workplace Function. A. Interoperability adapters to integrate with other Enterprise applications and data B. Single technology platform running on a single Enterprise-class database C. All five core-IWMS applications defined by Gartner D. Built-in operational analytics, pre-built metrics and reporting E. Delivered as a simple-to-use, role/process-base

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Q31. Compliance with new rules is driving the need tor new software systems, including: A. New transaction-level systems simplify loading leases, maintaining financial assumptions, and producing auditable reports B. 55% fewer workspaces required, 2% less water consumed C. Move away from Excel-based tracking to lease accounting software that scales to thousands of leases D. Solution to support

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Q11. TRIRIGA Projects offers enterprise project management, program management, fund source management and vendor bid management capabilities to deliver which business benefits? A. Reduce CAD file updates by 10% B. Improve maintenance work order management C. Improve space planning and increase facility utilization D. Eliminate elevator crowding and wait times Answer: C Q12. According to a