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Q31. A company has a requirement to create an inbound interface based on Web services. What are two ways to create a new Web service? (Choose two.) A. from Interactions B. from Publish Channels C. from Standard Services D. from Enterprise Services E. from Invocation Channels Answer: C,D Q32. Which three applications can be used to create work order hierarchies? (Choose three.) A. Actions

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Q141. One user has access to the IBMUK organization. Another user has access to the IBMUS organization. In order for a record to be available for both users, the record must be defined at which level? A. SITE B. ORG C. GLOBAL D. SYSTEM Answer: D Q142. When the customer chooses to use self-registration for user records, which statement is true? A. A record with status NEWREG has a workflow

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Q131. Which option is available when setting password rules in the Security Controls action item? A. Delete excluded passwords B. Analyze existing passwords for strength C. Exclude the use of words from the data dictionary as passwords D. Send e-mails to users whose passwords are determined to violate new password rules Answer: A Q132. Which statement is true about configuring Application

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Q121. The property mxe.rmi.port can be found in maximo.properties and by the System Properties application. If mxe.rmi.port is set to 0 in the properties file, and is set to 1090 from the System Properties application, which statement is true about this property? A. This property value cannot be set to 0 in the properties file. Therefore, the value must be 1090. B. The Tivoli process automation

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Q161. Where can a user create a base currency? A. Financial application B. Currencies application C. Currency Codes application D. Chart of Accounts application Answer: C Q162. Which statement is true about Start Centers and a user's security privileges? A. The Quick Insert portlet will only display applications for which the user has security privileges. B. Every user has security a

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Q151. What is the purpose of the E-mail Listener application? A. Define the content of e-mails B. Receive and process the incoming e-mail messages C. Send and receive e-mail messages and define the content of the e-mails D. Receive and process the incoming e-mail messages for the E-mail Inbox application Answer: B Q152. Which statement explains the relationship of an E-audit fitter to the

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Q11. If an object is defined at the SYSTEMORGSITE level, which two fields would be optional? (Choose two.) A. SITED B. ORGID C. SYSTEM D. SYSTEMID E. SYSTEMORGSITE Answer: A,B Q12. What is the default status of a new message created in the Bulletin Board application of a newly installed Tivoli process automation engine system? A. New B. Draft C. Ready D. Active Answer: B Q13. What

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Q21. A customer wants to ensure that any data sent to the Tivoli process automation engine's Integration Framework for retrieval of financial data into the Tivoli process automation engine cansurvive restarts and failures. Which statement is true? A. A JMS messaging engine must be configured with a persistent data store. B. The customer must have the persist data option set for the Integra

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Q1. At which level are financial charts of accounts maintained? A. Site B. System C. Location D. Organization Answer: D Q2. Which factor is considered when creating a location system? A. All system locations share the same GL. B. All system locations are related functionally. C. All system locations must be real places or spaces. D. All system locations are subsets of the primary hiera

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Q71. What are two types of reports that can be registered in the Tivoli process automation engine? (Choose two.) A. BIRT B. SQR C. EXCEL D. QUEST E. COGNOS Answer: A,E Q72. Which application is used to add, modify, and delete objects? A. Domains B. Object Structure C. Conditional Expression D. Database Configuration Answer: D Q73. When creating a Launch in Context entry, what also

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Q31. What is a reason to use the Database Configuration application? A. It is used to invoke the integrity Checker application. B. It is used to view or change the current number of tax types that are used. C. The set of synonym values for a given attribute is constructed in the Database Configuration application. D. The Maximo security group required to access a given Maximo business object

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Q41. Which property prints a stack trace for fetch results? A. mxe.db.fetchStack B. mxe.db.fetchResult C. mxe.db.fetchStackLogLimit D. mxe.db.fetchResultLogLimit Answer: D Q42. Which application or data element is required to design a Start Center? A. Portlet B. Template C. Workflow Designer D. Application Designer Answer: B Q43. Which cron tasks is included with Tivoli process auto

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Q141. Which method is used to validate the escalation being created? A. Choose the Select action for Validate. B. There is no validation of the escalation. C. Save the escalation. Validation is automatic. D. Click the Action button, which resembles a green check mark. Answer: A Q142. Which statement is true about a labor record? A. Labor records are used for tracking labor information. B

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Q131. When adding more than one Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to a KPI graph portlet, what happens to the portlet? A. It changes to a KPI list. B. It changes to a bar graph. C. Another KPI portlet is created. D. It adds an additional KPI gauge. Answer: B Q132. Which statement is true about Classification hierarchies? A. Hierarchies can be hierarchical or networks. B. Only one hierarchy

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Q121. A customer has configured workflow process A to be auto-initiated after a new service request (SR) record is created. Which action automatically starts workflow process B as well as workflow process A after the new SR record is created? A. Create an action to start workflow process B after a new SR record is created. B. Create an escalation to start workflow process B after a new SR recor

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Q111. What does it mean when a record has a SITEID field? A. The record may be defined at a SITE level. B. The record must be defined at a SITE level. C. The record may be defined at a SYSTEMSITE level. D. The record must be defined at a SYSTEMSITE level. Answer: A Q112. A report can be added to an application's toolbar. Which check box must be enabled in order to print any associated

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Q101. Which three applications can be used to create work orders? (Choose three.) A. Assets B. Service Requests C. Activities and Tasks D. Work Order Tracking E. Assignment Manager F. Conditional Expression Manager Answer: A,B,D Q102. Which two types of Migration packages can be defined? A. Push, Pull B. Ad hoc, Defined C. Snapshot, Change D. Dedicated, Run Time Answer: C Q103. Wh

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Q81. What are the steps to configure the application import export functionality? A. Create the Object Structure, create the Publish Channel, configure an external system B. Create the Object Structure, create the Enterprise Service, configure an external system C. Create a Migration Manager package to import and export data, configure Security Group options D. Create the Object Structure, co

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Q51. Which statement is true about Maximo applications and the Application Designer? A. The Application Designer is used to modify the layout of a user’s Start Center. B. Every application has a presentation.xml file that contains all the information required to build the application’s user interlace. C. When a user starts an application, the maxapplication.xml file is retrieved from the d

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Q61. An admin user has created a new domain called EXTWOSTATUS and wants to include just this domain in the migration package. What must be done? A. create a Migration Group that includes the EXTWOSTATUS domain object and use it in the Migration Manager package B. create a Migration Object that includes the EXTWOSTATUS domain object and use it in the Migration Manager package C. use the Migrat