C2010-571 | Refresh C2010-571 Exam Study Guides With New Update Exam Questions

Q51. Which statement is true about Maximo applications and the Application Designer? 

A. The Application Designer is used to modify the layout of a user’s Start Center. 

B. Every application has a presentation.xml file that contains all the information required to build the application’s user interlace. 

C. When a user starts an application, the maxapplication.xml file is retrieved from the database and is placed in the memory of the application server. 

D. To preserve data integrally, all edits of application controls such as text boxes, buttons, and tabs should be done directly in the presentation.xml file. 


Q52. Which two attributes are required to create a new message in the Bulletin Board application? (Choose two.) 

A. Site 

B. Subject 

C. Message 

D. Organization 

E. Expiration Date 

Answer: B,E 

Q53. Which two options are valid sets of portlets on the Start Center? (Choose two.) 

A. Favorite Applications, KPI Manager 

B. Result Set, Quick Insert, Communications 

C. Actions, Bulletin Board, Inbox/Assignments 

D. Favorite Applications, KPI Graph, Bulletin Board 

E. Result Set, KPI List, Quick Insert, Inbox/Assignments 

Answer: D,E 

Q54. Which application defines a URL that opens a browser for Web applications? 

A. Publish Channels 

B. External Systems 

C. Launch in Context 

D. Web Services Library 


Q55. Which statement is true about Start Centers and a user's security privileges? 

A. The Quick Insert portlet will only display applications for which the user has security privileges. 

B. Every user has security access to Update Start Center so that changes configured by the administrator may be applied 

C. To create a new Start Center template, an administrator can save steps by duplicating and modifying an existing template. 

D. It is important to define Start Center templates that are job-role specific so that a user is not granted access to an application they don’t have security privileges for in the Favorite Applications portlet. 


Q56. Which statement is true about appenders? 

A. If a logger is created, an appender cannot be created. 

B. One or more loggers can be associated with a specific or multiple appenders. 

C. One or more loggers cannot be associated with a specific or multiple appenders. 

D. Any appender has its own corresponding Tivoli process automation engine application. 


Q57. An item set is required to generate data records. What are two of the records? (Choose two.) 

A. People 

B. Assets 

C. Locations 

D. Item Master 

E. Organizations 

Answer: D,E 

Q58. Which two sets must be created before creating an Organization? (Choose two) 

A. Item Set 

B. Data Set 

C. Asset Set 

D. Location Set 

E. Company Set 

Answer: A,E 

Q59. A link has been added to another Key Performance Indicator (KPI) when designing a KPII and it has been displayed on the Start Center. What happens when the related KPI link is selected in the KPI portlet? 

A. The Start Center KPI changes the related KPI. 

B. The related KPI is displayed in a separate window. 

C. The KPI Manager application opens showing the related KPI. 

D. The KPI and related KPI are shown together on the Start Center. 


Q60. When creating limits and tolerances for a security group, which value option can be restricted in the default interlace? 

A. labor expenditure limit 

B. materials requisition limit 

C. budget limits (by organization) 

D. number of members of a security group