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Q71. In what way does IT asset management in IBM SmartCloud Control Desk differ from IBM Maximo Asset Management? A. The focus on IT assets. B. There is no difference between the two. C. IBM Maximo Asset Management involves greater reliance on IBM Maximo Integration Framework. D. IT asset management in IBM SmartCloud Control Desk involves greater reliance on IBM Maximo Integration Framework.

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Q61. Using only the basic PM features, how many PMs are needed to schedule maintenance for 10 assets on different schedules? A. 1 B. 2 C. 10 D. 11 Answer: C Q62. What is the default reporting solution for IBM Maximo Asset Management as shipped with the product? A. Crystal Reporting B. IBM Tivoli Common Reporting C. IBM Cognos Business Intelligence D. Business Intelligence Reporting Too

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Q51. How does IBM Maximo Asset Management address the Sarbanes-Oxley question: .°Do you have an accurate inventory of all your physical assets? A. By using only the Assets and Locations features and functions B. By using only the Assets and Inventory features and functions C. By using only the Assets, Locations, Storerooms, and Inventory features and functions D. By using the Assets, Locatio

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Q41. What is the process for editing an approved price contract? A. Revise the contract B. Release the contract C. Suspend the contract D. Duplicate the contract Answer: A Q42. Which feature or function in Tivoli process automation engine enables the efficient processing of inbound e-mails? A. E-mail Listener B. Ticket Templates C. Organizational Service Request Options D. Organization

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Q31. Using extended PM features including routes, what is the fewest number of PM5 that can be defined to schedule maintenance for 10 assets on the same schedule? A. 1 B. 2 C. 10 D. 11 Answer: A Q32. An architecture is being created for a trucking company that is largely an AIX shop (preferred standard) and also Linux, with very little Windows administration expertise except that their exe

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Q21. Which statement best describes a gap analysis? A. An assessment tool to help identity.ˉ differences between applications. B. A technique for determining the steps to be taken in moving from a current state to a desired future state. C. A tool provided to measure the investment of time, money, and human resources required to achieve a particular outcome. D. The process of analyzing diffe

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Q11. PMs are generating automatically and the schedule needs to be changed for a single PM. What is the best way to achieve this? A. Revise the PM with the new date B. Change the status and edit the last date C. Edit the next due date and reset the count D. Set the extended date and adjust next date Answer: D Q12. What is the name of the agreed upon level of service specified in a service

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Q1. What are three key components that are part of IBM SmartCloud Control Desk? (Choose three.) A. Calibration B. Service Catalog C. IT Asset Management D. Assignment Scheduler E. Service Request Manager F. IBM for Healthcare Solution Answer: B,C,E Q2. Which two statements are true about the Application Designer? (Choose two.) A. Database configuration can be performed from the Applicat

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Q81. What is the significance of understanding the maintenance reporting structure? A. It links assets to people. B. Itprovidesalistofusers. C. It gives a list of phone numbers. D. It generally provides the authorization hierarchy. Answer: D Q82. Which reporting option enables database updates from a report within IBM Maximo Asset Management? A. Cognos Reporting B. Tivoli Common Reportin

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Q61. Which type of contract defines an agreement to maintain one or more assets with an outside provider? A. Price Contract B. Blanket Contract C. Warrantst Contract D. LaborRate Contract Answer: C Q62. Which IBM Tivoli product enables a customer to understand their costs and track, allocate, and invoice by department? A. IBM Tivoli Service Provider B. IBM SmartCloud Control Desk C. IBM

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Q1. How can changes be made to a previously approved purchase contract? A. copythe contract B. undo the contract C. revise the contract D. completethe contract Answer: C Q2. Which values can be included in the calculation of the next PM due date? A. routesandplans B. plans and schedules C. elapsedtimeandroutes D. meters and elapsed time Answer: D Q3. Which statement correctly descri

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Q21. Which industry solution based on IBM Maximo Asset Management provides the ability to record and manage smart meters? A. IBM Maximo for Utilities B. IBM Maximo for Government C. IBM Maximo for Oil and Gas D. IBM Maximo for Transportation Answer: A Q22. A customer would like to monitor meter readings on certain assets and have the system automatically generate work orders. They would li

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Q41. Which feature/function enables a customer to create a library of recurring work that contains all the tasks that various departments would need to perform? A. Routes B. Job Plans C. Work Plan D. Safety Plans Answer: B Q42. What is the name of the agreed upon level of service specified in a service level agreement? A. Goal B. Action C. Promise D. Commitment Answer: D Q43. Which

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Q81. Which two key capabilities are essential for executing an effective gap-fit analysis? (Choose two.) A. detailed understanding of the as-is and to-be customer organization B. detailed knowledge of the reference architecture from the standard software C. detailed understanding of certain characteristics and components of the customer organization D. detailed understanding of the capabiliti

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Q31. Which statement is true regarding IBM Maximo Asset Management architecture? A. It uses Ruby on Rails. B. It is built on J2EE Standards. C. The supported databases are SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, and MySQL. D. The supported applications servers are WebLogic, WebSphere, and JBoss. Answer: B Q32. It is discovered that although a client has a storeroom, they do not maintain the stock lev

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Q21. What are two IBM solutions for asset management in the field? (Choose two.) A. IBM Maximo Remote B. IBM Maximo Essentials C. IBM Maximo Everyplace D. IBM Maximo Everywhere E. IBM Maximo Mobile Suite Answer: C,E Q22. When determining a customer’s inventory issues, what are two factors that should be considered? (Choose two.) A. labels B. access C. shelving D. shrinkage E. reple

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Q11. When creating a new PM, where are detailed task steps defined? A. on the route B. inajobplan C. inthePMplans D. onthemasterPM Answer: B Q12. Using extended PM features including routes, what is the fewest number of PM5 that can be defined to schedule maintenance for 10 assets on the same schedule? A. 1 B. 2 C. 10 D. 11 Answer: A Q13. Preventive maintenance tasks can be created

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Q51. A customer requirement is to have a script execute at the time when the user clicks the Save button. Which launch point would be recommended to the user to create? A. Action launch point B. Object launch point C. Attributelaunch point D. Custom Condition launch point Answer: B Q52. Which statement describes asset visibility? A. a barcode is displayed on all assets B. providing clear

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Q61. Which value is required in order to add an item to a storeroom? A. Cost type B. Order unit C. Issue unit D. Default bin Answer: C Q62. Which statement is true regarding IBM Maximo Asset Management? A. It is a financial accounting system. B. It can be installed and is supported on JBoss. C. It provides a GUI that complies to Java source code. D. It provides the capability to add fi