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Q21. In addition to using automatic journals, what is the other way in which intercompany journals can be eliminated? A. Run the Reconcile Opening Balances function after consolidation. B. Activate counter dimensions in the account structure. C. Eliminate balances manually using company and group journals. D. Generate a group adjustment company in the company structure. Answer: C Q22. Data

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Q11. How can an administrator configure Controller in such a way that intercompany balances will be eliminated automatically? A. Setup the automatic journal to eliminate intercompany balances and configure control tables for each intercompany pairing. B. Set up the group journal to eliminate intercompany balances and configure company journals for each intercompany pairing. C. Run a consolidat

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Q41. Why is the offset account for certain investment elimination control tables the same? A. So that investment and intercompany eliminations are able to perform the same calculations B. So that automatic journals make a zero sum in the offset account in the consolidated group C. So that currency conversion is easily performed and reconciled in the consolidated group D. So that when the admi

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Q31. What is the difference between currency conversion codes I and C? A. Code I uses no currency conversion for the opening balance; code C copies prior year's average rate. B. Code C copies prior year's average rate for opening balance; code I calculates prior year's closing rate C. Code I calculates opening balance rate, code C copies the opening balance amount. D. Code C copie

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Q31. Which currency conversion code is commonly used for P&L accounts and takes the average year rate from the currency register? A. Conversion Code D B. Conversion Code Z C. Conversion Code M D. Conversion Code X Answer: C Q32. An administrator is setting up an account structure for a Controller application. The administrator is going to reconcile the values in account 8999 (Profit an

C2020-605 | Guaranteed IBM C2021-605 exam

Q21. A Controller administrator wants to eliminate intercompany balances prior to consolidating the data. To do this, the administrator must create a control table. What must the administrator specify for this control table? A. Receivable/income accounts, payable/expense accounts, I/C difference posting B. Receivable/income accounts, offset account, payable/expense accounts, I/C difference post

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Q11. Which of the following is a valid combination for a standard form? A. Four (4) extended dimensions on rows and periods on columns B. Base accounts on rows and actualities on columns C. Companies on rows and periods and actualities on columns D. Movement extensions on rows and group journals on columns Answer: C Q12. What happens when a main account type code is changed into a statisti