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Q31. When exporting a cube view from TM1 Web, which prerequisite is required to ensure charts are included? A. DoJo 1.6 B. Java Runtime Engine(JRE) C. Microsoft Excel D. Adobe Acrobat Answer: C Q32. When publishing a IBM Cognos Insight workspace to servers, which three actions can you perform? (Choose three.) A. Publish to a TM1 server as an Excel Report. B. Publishto a TM1 server as a R

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Q21. Click the Exhibit button. Referring to the exhibit, you are asked to allocate overhead expenses to the budget. Currently everything is set to zero. You are instructed toallocate $100,000 to the Communications budget and to distribute the amount equally across all months. Which three TM1 data spreading operations will allow you to do this? (Choose three.) A. Proportional Spread B. Equal S

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Q11. An international company has an existing TM1 server application they use for planning, forecasting, and reporting. The corporate strategydepartment wants to share parts of this application with external consultants and partners. They decide to create Cognos Insight workspaces which includes data from this server application combined with additional analysis and content. They intend to distr

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Q31. What data spreading options are available to users in the Perspectives or Architect Cube Viewer? (Choose two.) A. Repeat B. Straight Line C. Increase D. Decrease Answer: A,B Q32. Which three selections would you find in the Properties window of the subset editor? (Choose three.) A. Alias B. Weight C. Type D. Parent Element E. Attribute Answer: B,C,E Q33. A userentering numeric

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Q1. A. The numbers are in the base cube andneed to be submitted before seen by others. B. The numbers are in the base cube and need to be committed before seen by others. C. The numbers are in a Personal Workspace and need to be committed before seen by others. D. The numbers are in a Personal Workspace and need to be saved before seen by others. Answer: C Q2. Whywould you use Rebuild over

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Q31. A user would like to export data from a TM1 Web Cube View so that subsequent data changes on the TM1 server will not affect the exported data. Which two export options should the user select? (Choose two.) A. Slice to Excel B. Snapshot to Excel C. Export to PDF D. Slice to Active Form Answer: B,C Q32. How do you configure aTM1 Administration Server to run as a Windows service? A. Us