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Q31. You want to access TM1 data with IBM Cognos Report Studio, MDX statements, or other MDX OLAP tools outside of TM1. Which control object stores custom named levels for the hierarchy levels of TM1 dimensions? A. \}CubeProperties B. \}HierarchyProperties C. \}ClientProperties D. \}DimensionProperties Answer: B Q32. Your organization has security restrictions that prohibits the installat

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Q21. What will display information about which user has added a new item to a dimension? A. View message log B. View transaction log C. View audit log D. Security assignments Answer: C Q22. What happens when PerformanceMonitorOn is set to true (T) in the tm1 s.cfg file? A. User access is restricted to the TM1 Server while server diagnostics occur. B. TM1 performance monitoring records pe

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Q11. Which three tasks can the TM1 administrator perform using TM1 Web? (Choose three.) A. Review/execute processes on the TM1 Server. B. Edit thetm1s.cfg file. C. Review/execute chores on the TM1 Server. D. Change the TM1 admin password. E. Edit existing Turbo Integrator processes. Answer: A,C,D Q12. You are asked to configure a TM1 Server for planning to minimize the chance of data loss

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Q1. You want to upgrade from TM1 9.5.2 to TM1 10.1. You stop the TM1 9.5.2 services, back up the TM1 data directory, and uninstall TM1 9.5.2 and install TM1 10.1. Which action must be performed before starting the TM1 10.1 server? A. Clear all cubes. B. Point the 10.1 TM1 Server to the old 9.5.2 TM1 directory. C. Re-import the dimensions. D. Copy the old 9.5.2 TM1 directory to the SAN. Answ

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Q31. You want to load data into a TM1 cube. Which three data sources would you use? (Choose three.) A. Comma-delimited files B. ODBO connector C. JDBC connector D. JSON connector E. TM1 Cube Views Answer: A,B,E Q32. You need to ensure that a TurboIntegrator (T1) process runs immediately after the TM1 Server starts. How should you do this? A. Create a chore and plan the time shortly aft

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Q11. While troubleshooting a problem with a TurboIntegrator process, you must review log files containing pertinent data. Which two log files would you use? (Choose two.) A. tm1web.log B. tm1processerror.log C. tm1server.log D. tm1excelservice.log Answer: B,C Q12. Your organization has security restrictions that prohibits the installation of software on end-user workstations. Which two T

C2020-703 | All About 100% Guarantee C2021-703 exam

Q1. Which configuration allows for greater concurrency of read and write operations on the same cube object? A. Persistent Feeders B. Skipcheck C. Parallel Interaction D. Data Reservation Answer: C Q2. A user of the TM1 Server that you administer wants to update data for a cube, but prevent all other users from editing the data. Which rights should you apply to the cube for the user group

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Q1. Which two TM1 Objects are potential data sources for a TurboIntegrator process? (Choose two.) A. Rule File B. Dimension Subset C. Cube View D. Application Folder Answer: B,C Q2. A user is only allowed to enter data into cubes for the East region. The user should not be able to see entries for the West, North, and South regions. To provide this level of access, which security should be

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Q21. A customer has a requirement to write data back to their relational database (e.g., Oracle). Which function should be executed in TurboIntegrator to accomplish this? A. ODBCExecute B. ODBCStatement C. ODBCOutput D. ODBCInput Answer: C Q22. What are three features of the TM1 Operations Console? (Choose three.) A. Adding new groups B. Monitoring multiple TM1 servers C. Scheduled log

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Q11. TM1PerfMon provides which two capabilities? (Choose two.) A. multiple performance counters (e.g. Views Created) B. monitoring multiple servers from a single command line C. invocation from inside TM1 Architect D. refresh rate specified with the "sleep" parameter Answer: A,D Q12. You need to ensure that a TurboIntegrator (T1) process runs immediately after the TM1 Server starts. How s