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Q51. Susan wants to deploy the widget features to her IBM iNotes users. How must she handle the Widget Catalog in her environment to ensure success? A. Create a Widget Catalog on the IBM Domino Widget server. B. Place a replica on the Domino server hosting the iNotes Redirect database. C. The Widget Catalog is only required to enable the Widget capability in IBM Notes. D. A replica of the Wid

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Q41. In order to enable automatic updates for widgets, which must Adrian enable on his IBM Domino server? A. Open Authorization (OAuth) B. OSGi Tasklet Server (DOTs) C. Domino Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (DIIOP) D. Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) Answer: B Q42. Jeri has installed the IBM HTTP Server on the same computer as the IBM Domino HTTP server. Where does she specify which

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Q31. An IBM Notes user kills the Notes client while its still busy waiting for input, and this results in a new record in the Fault Reports database. How will this type of crash be categorized in the version 9.0 By Disposition view? A. Problem category B. Informational category C. Possible Problem (possibly actionable) category D. Possible Problem (likely NOT actionable) category Answer: C

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Q21. Where does the IBM Domino 9.0 Social Edition OpenSocial component store the credential store application (credstore.nsf)? A. IBM Domino LDAP server B. Domino server running ID vault C. Domino server running Shindig D. Domino server with SSL certificates installed on its keyring file Answer: C Q22. Mark is setting up federated login for his IBM iNotes users. Which is a requirement for

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Q11. Which document is used to configure IBM Docs integration with IBM Domino? A. Server document B. Person document C. Server Configuration document D. Mail Policy Settings document Answer: D Q12. Livi's company already uses SAML 1.1. Which option can Livi use to configure that version of SAML with IBM Domino? A. Oracle Open SSO B. Active Directory C. OASIS Account Manager D. IBM

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Q1. The hostname for which server is entered in the "Web federated login approved IdP configurations" field of the ID Vault configuration document? A. IBM Domino Administration server B. Domino server that hosts the ID vault C. Domino Web server that hosts the iNotes users D. server listed in the "Host names or addresses mapped to this site" field of the IdP Configuration document Answer: D

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Q41. How can Bill create a Program document that will run on more than one server? A. Bill can create a multi-domain server Program document. B. Bill can specify a server group name in the Program document. C. Bill can assign servers to a Program document using a server policy. D. Bill can use the multi-server option on the Basics tab of the Program document. Answer: B Q42. Jim enabled Qua

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Q31. What security feature isolates and protects OpenSocial widgets from third-party sources that might try to cause harm to other widgets, the browser, or other applications? A. ACL B. SSO C. domain locking D. notes.ini settings Answer: C Q32. Where would an administrator set the option to push out new client preference parameters? A. Global settings policy, Custom Client Preferences tab

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Q21. Stu received an escalated support ticket because the Widget Approval process is not prompting for the OAuth data on his IBM Domino 9.0 Social Edition server. What is the cause for this issue? A. He is using the OAuth3 protocol. B. The Widget Catalog ODS is not upgraded for Domino 9.0. C. Domino 9.0 does not support OpenSocial gadgets on upgraded servers. D. The name attribute associated

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Q1. What technique can be used when creating Program documents? A. Dynamic groups can be used for the "Server to run on" field. B. Regular expressions can be used in the "Server to run on" field. C. Pattern matching characters can be used in the "Server to run on" field. D. Servers can be added to a Program document from the Microsoft Active Directory connector. Answer: C Q2. What does "Ma

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Q11. What Program document feature provides more flexibility to an administrator? A. Server group names can be used in Program documents. B. Program documents can be triggered to run by a mail-in database. C. Program documents can use the Microsoft Windows built-in Task Scheduler. D. Microsoft Active Directory server names can be used in Program documents. Answer: A Q12. Mary is setting up

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Q51. Where is the document located that the administrator creates to manage security between the IBM Notes client and the IBM Domino server running Shindig? A. Domino Directory > People > Policies > Settings - Add Settings B. Domino Directory > People > Policies > Accounts - Add Account C. Domino Directory > Configuration > Security > Certificates - Add Certifier D.

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Q41. When IBM HTTP Server and IBM Domino are installed on the same computer, which file is configured on the Domino system? A. ihs.ini B. dom.config C. domino.conf D. dominoconfig.nsf Answer: C Q42. Where would an administrator set the option to push out new client preference parameters? A. Global settings policy, Custom Client Preferences tab B. Server Configuration document, Client Pre