C2040-405 | Updated C2040-405 Exam Study Guides With New Update Exam Questions

Q51. Where is the document located that the administrator creates to manage security between the IBM Notes client and the IBM Domino server running Shindig? 

A. Domino Directory > People > Policies > Settings - Add Settings 

B. Domino Directory > People > Policies > Accounts - Add Account 

C. Domino Directory > Configuration > Security > Certificates - Add Certifier 

D. Domino Directory > Configuration > Servers > Configurations - Add Configuration 


Q52. Sven decides to setup his company's widget catalog to support OpenSocial widgets. He needs to ensure that users can add tags to widget documents, but that they are unable to create widget documents. Which option indicates the correct ACL role changes? 

A. Enable [WidgetAccess] and [TagAuthor] 

B. Enable [RatingAuthor] and [CommentAuthor] 

C. Enable [TagAuthor]; disable [RatingAuthor] 

D. Enable [CommentAuthor]; disable [WidgetAccess] 


Q53. Stu received an escalated support ticket because the Widget Approval process is not prompting for the OAuth data on his IBM Domino 9.0 Social Edition server. What is the cause for this issue? 

A. He is using the OAuth3 protocol. 

B. The Widget Catalog ODS is not upgraded for Domino 9.0. 

C. Domino 9.0 does not support OpenSocial gadgets on upgraded servers. 

D. The name attribute associated with each OpenSocial gadget is missing and needs a value. 


Q54. Sam added the required parameter to the necessary configuration files for enabling Quality of Service (QoS) on the IBM Domino server. When Sam restarted Domino the Server Console did not display any QoS status/event messages or indications that it is running. What must Sam do in order to ensure QoS is running and view the configuration and events for the current logged run? 

A. Start the Domino server as a service and use the remote server console to view the QoS configuration and event messages. 

B. Start the Domino server as either service or application and view the QoS configuration and event messages from the notes.log file. 

C. Start the Domino server under the Java controller and use the qosctnrlr<timestamp>.out file to view the QoS configuration and event messages. 

D. Start the Domino server as an application and use the tell qos resume command at the Domino server console to resume QoS and view its configuration and event messages. 


Q55. Genny would like to provide IBM iNotes users the ability to view certain document types without the need to install an office productivity suite. How can she do this? 

A. Integrate IBM Docs with the Domino Web server. 

B. Integrate with an IBM WebSphere Portal system. 

C. Configure IBM Web Content Manager with the Domino Web server. 

D. Set the view_docs=1 parameter in the IBM Domino server's notes.ini. 


Q56. Which statement is true regarding locked domains and IBM iNotes Widgets using OpenSocial components? 

A. Locked domains must be enabled using the notes.ini variable Lcked_Hosts. 

B. Locked domains prevent external mail domains from having unauthorized, direct access to widgets. 

C. Locked domains should not be enabled unless IBM WebSphere Application Server 7.0 or older is being used. 

D. Locked domains prevent widgets from having direct access to secure information in the browser and in other widgets on the page. 


Q57. Sarah set the MailFileDisabieCompactAtaort=i notes.ini parameter before creating a Program document to run the new Database Maintenance Tool (dbmt). What is the purpose of this parameter? 

A. It aborts compact operations when mail needs to be routed. 

B. It permanently stops mail delivery. Specify a value of 0 to resume mail delivery. 

C. It permanently stops compact operations. Specify a value of 0 to resume compact operations. 

D. It temporarily stops the delivery of mail to prevent the router from interrupting compact operations.