C2040-405 | The Regenerate Guide To C2040-405 dumps

Q1. What technique can be used when creating Program documents? 

A. Dynamic groups can be used for the "Server to run on" field. 

B. Regular expressions can be used in the "Server to run on" field. 

C. Pattern matching characters can be used in the "Server to run on" field. 

D. Servers can be added to a Program document from the Microsoft Active Directory connector. 


Q2. What does "Mark new contacts as private by default" in a desktop policy do? 

A. Prevents users from delegating access to their contacts. 

B. Enables the private category when they save new contacts. 

C. Hides certain contacts from displaying in the local address book. 

D. Prevents new contacts from being available for delegation by default. 


Q3. Nancy is configuring an internet site document for federated login, but when she clicks on the IdP Catalog button to select an IdP Configuration document, she cannot open the IdP Catalog application. What could be the cause of this problem? 

A. Nancy does not have access rights to the IdP Catalog Application. 

B. The Open Social Component is not installed on her IBM Notes client. 

C. Nancy does not have rights to run unrestricted agents on the IBM Domino server. 

D. Nancy's Workstation ECL does not recognize the signer of the IdP Catalog Application. 


Q4. In order to enable automatic updates for widgets, which must Adrian enable on his IBM Domino server? 

A. Open Authorization (OAuth) 

B. OSGi Tasklet Server (DOTs) 

C. Domino Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (DIIOP) 

D. Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 


Q5. Mary is creating a Program document to run the new Database Maintenance Tool (dbmt) and has specified to run the tool "At server startup only". What command line option(s) must Mary specify in order to perform compact operations only between the hours of 2:00 AM and 5:00 AM? 

A. -starttime 2:00AM -stoptime 5:00AM 

B. -force 2:00AM 5:00AM 

C. -range 2:00AM 5:00AM 

D. -timeLimit 2:00AM 5:00AM 


Q6. Bob, an IBM Notes administrator, needs to show his users how to send a teamroom calendar to other users. How can Bob accomplish this? 

A. Bob should demonstrate the Add Calendar Action to the colleague. 

B. Bob should demonstrate how to add the colleague to the Approved Users group for that Calendar. 

C. Bob should demonstrate the "Forward overlaid teamroom calendar as email" functionality to send the calendar as an email. 

D. Bob should demonstrate how to add the colleague to the teamroom ACL. The user would then be prompted to add the calendar to their client. 


Q7. When IBM HTTP Server and IBM Domino are installed on the same computer, which file is configured on the Domino system? 

A. ihs.ini 

B. dom.config 

C. domino.conf 

D. dominoconfig.nsf 


Q8. What servers are the minimum required to enable IBM iNotes 9.0 with the IBM Sametime Web Client? 

A. Domino 9.0 server, Sametime Proxy server 

B. IBM HTTP Server, Sametime Proxy server 

C. Sametime Community server, Domino 9.0 server, Sametime Proxy server 

D. Sametime Community server, Domino 9.0 server, Sametime System Console 


Q9. Jan wants to create a Program document in order to run the new Database Maintenance Tool (dbmt) for mail files on the IBM Domino server. What are two adjustments that Jan must make to the server's notes.ini file before creating the Program document? (Choose two.) 

A. Remove Updall from the Server Tasks lines in the notes.ini. 

B. Set MailFileDisableCompactAbort=1 to temporarily stop the delivery of mail. 

C. Set DBMT_FILTER=names.nsf to ensure the Domino Directory is not compacted. 

D. Set dbmt-updallThreads=0 to have the Database Maintenance Tool skip operations performed by Updall. 

E. Set dbmt_stdr85mail=$Inbox,$Drafts,$All to ensure key views in mail databases that use the StdR85Mail template are built. 

Answer: A,B 

Q10. Luis calls the help desk and asks why he is unable to switch to Light mode in IBM iNotes 9.0. What is the reason why Luis is having this problem? 

A. His mail template is set to version 8.5.1. 

B. He has an incorrect language setting in his preferences. 

C. Light mode has been merged into Full mode and the option is no longer present. 

D. He is using an unsupported browser version and did not inform the help desk of this.