C2040-405 | Abreast of the times IBM C2040-405 vce

Q21. Stu received an escalated support ticket because the Widget Approval process is not prompting for the OAuth data on his IBM Domino 9.0 Social Edition server. What is the cause for this issue? 

A. He is using the OAuth3 protocol. 

B. The Widget Catalog ODS is not upgraded for Domino 9.0. 

C. Domino 9.0 does not support OpenSocial gadgets on upgraded servers. 

D. The name attribute associated with each OpenSocial gadget is missing and needs a value. 


Q22. Which directory is the credstore.nsf application created in on the IBM Domino server? 

A. data\ 

B. data\credential 

C. data\CredStore 

D. data\IBM_CredStore 


Q23. After enabling the IBM Sametime Web Client with IBM iNotes 9.0, Luis found users are being prompted for credentials again when accessing the Sametime features. Why might this be happening? 

A. OAuth is not enabled. 

B. SAML has not been configured properly. 

C. Luis has enabled SSO from the Sametime System Console. 

D. Session Authentication is not enabled in the Server document. 


Q24. Sven decides to setup his company's widget catalog to support OpenSocial widgets. He needs to ensure that users can add tags to widget documents, but that they are unable to create widget documents. Which option indicates the correct ACL role changes? 

A. Enable [WidgetAccess] and [TagAuthor] 

B. Enable [RatingAuthor] and [CommentAuthor] 

C. Enable [TagAuthor]; disable [RatingAuthor] 

D. Enable [CommentAuthor]; disable [WidgetAccess] 


Q25. Dan wants to integrate the IBM Notes Browser Plug-in with an IBM iNotes client. What must Dan do to enable this integration? 

A. Select "Allow Notes Browser Plug-in integration" in the Mail Settings document. 

B. Set Web browser preferences to "Always switch to new tabs when they are created". 

C. Under the Notes Document Links section of the iNotes preferences, select "Launch Notes Browser Plug-in". 

D. Dan should add BrowserAllowiNotesMail=1 and INOTES_SERVER_PATH=server1.renovations.com to the local notes.ini file. 


Q26. On which clients can OpenSocial widgets be installed? 

A. IBM Notes 8.5.1 or later clients 

B. Notes 8.5.3 or later clients 

C. IBM iNotes 8.5.3 or later clients 

D. iNotes 9.0 Social Edition or later clients 


Q27. What tool is used to configure Tivoli Federated Identity Manager as the identity provider for IBM Domino? 

A. notes.ini file 

B. IBM Notes client 

C. Domino Web Administrator 

D. Integrated Solutions Console 


Q28. When enabling the integration between IBM iNotes 9.0 and IBM Connections Files, which IBM Domino Policy must be configured to reflect the URL of the Connections Files server? 

A. Mail 

B. Social 

C. Security 

D. Desktop 


Q29. In the Fault Reports database, a fault report is in the Possible Problem (possibly actionable) category of the View By Disposition view. What is the description of this category? 

A. The fault reports in this category have sufficient information to match their crash stacks against previously reported crashes. 

B. The fault reports in this category have sufficient information to investigate the problem, but are not likely to result in action that the administrator should take. 

C. The fault reports in this category have sufficient information to investigate the problem, however IBM recommends to collect new data for further investigation. 

D. The fault reports in this category do not contain sufficient information to investigate the problem. However, IBM is constantly improving its data collection techniques, and fault reports on similar crashes in the future will be likely to contain more necessary information. 


Q30. Which document is used to configure IBM Docs integration with IBM Domino? 

A. Server document 

B. Person document 

C. Server Configuration document 

D. Mail Policy Settings document