C2040-405 | Regenerate C2040-405 Exam Study Guides With New Update Exam Questions

Q31. What security feature isolates and protects OpenSocial widgets from third-party sources that might try to cause harm to other widgets, the browser, or other applications? 



C. domain locking 

D. notes.ini settings 


Q32. Where would an administrator set the option to push out new client preference parameters? 

A. Global settings policy, Custom Client Preferences tab 

B. Server Configuration document, Client Preferences tab 

C. Custom policy settings document, Custom Settings > Notes.ini tab 

D. Desktop policy settings document, Custom Settings > Notes.ini tab 


Q33. Which statement describes the results of enabling "Do not allow users to set return receipts" Mail policy setting? 

A. It controls the default behavior of whether or not a return receipt would be requested for incoming messages. 

B. For incoming messages requesting a return receipt, it prevents the sending of the return receipt without notifying the user. 

C. It disables return receipt settings for both Notes and iNotes users so that they are not able to manually request a return receipt on outgoing messages. 

D. It disables return receipt settings for IBM Notes client users only. IBM iNotes users will still be able to manually request a return receipt for outgoing messages. 


Q34. What must Jim do to enable the use of Transport Layer Security (TLS)? 

A. Jim must install an IBM HTTP Server (IHS). 

B. Jim must install a server keyring of 2048-bits or higher. 

C. Jim must enable TLS in the Configuration Settings document. 

D. Jim must utilize an X.509 certificate from a supported Certificate Authorities. 


Q35. Which statement is true regarding locked domains and IBM iNotes Widgets using OpenSocial components? 

A. Locked domains must be enabled using the notes.ini variable Lcked_Hosts. 

B. Locked domains prevent external mail domains from having unauthorized, direct access to widgets. 

C. Locked domains should not be enabled unless IBM WebSphere Application Server 7.0 or older is being used. 

D. Locked domains prevent widgets from having direct access to secure information in the browser and in other widgets on the page. 


Q36. Sam added the required parameter to the necessary configuration files for enabling Quality of Service (QoS) on the IBM Domino server. When Sam restarted Domino the Server Console did not display any QoS status/event messages or indications that it is running. What must Sam do in order to ensure QoS is running and view the configuration and events for the current logged run? 

A. Start the Domino server as a service and use the remote server console to view the QoS configuration and event messages. 

B. Start the Domino server as either service or application and view the QoS configuration and event messages from the notes.log file. 

C. Start the Domino server under the Java controller and use the qosctnrlr<timestamp>.out file to view the QoS configuration and event messages. 

D. Start the Domino server as an application and use the tell qos resume command at the Domino server console to resume QoS and view its configuration and event messages. 


Q37. When an IBM HTTP Server is installed on the same machine as an IBM Domino server, to which file is the parameter HTTPIHSEnabled=1 added? 

A. TLS.ini 

B. notes.ini 

C. domino.conf 

D. Webconfig.xml 


Q38. JoJo would like to allow secure access to social applications in her IBM Domino applications without requiring users to enter additional passwords. How can she accomplish this? 

A. Enable XPages on the Domino server. 

B. Configure an Internet Certificate Authority. 

C. Set up a key management store on the Domino server. 

D. Set up a credential store application on the Domino server. 


Q39. Barbra's company would like to reduce the number of passwords users have to remember, but still maintain a high level of security between systems. How can she do this? 

A. Add aliases to the users' Person documents. 

B. Configure IBM Notes federated login using SAML. 

C. Update the users' Person documents with multiple passwords. 

D. Recertify the users' notes.id files with a new IBM Domino 9.0 certifier. 


Q40. What server components are required for the IBM Domino 9.0 Social Edition OpenSocial component for IBM iNotes? 

A. one Domino mail server and one Domino server running Shindig 

B. one IBM Domino mail server with IBM Traveler on the same server 

C. one Domino mail server and one IBM Sametime Community server 

D. one Domino mail server and one Domino server running Traveler with Shindig