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Q41. How can Bill create a Program document that will run on more than one server? 

A. Bill can create a multi-domain server Program document. 

B. Bill can specify a server group name in the Program document. 

C. Bill can assign servers to a Program document using a server policy. 

D. Bill can use the multi-server option on the Basics tab of the Program document. 


Q42. Jim enabled Quality of Service (QoS) on the IBM Domino server with values for the QOS_PROBE_INTERVAL and QOS_PROBE_TIMEOUT parameters of 2 minutes and 10 minutes respectively. After examining the qosctnrlrtimestamp.out file, Jim noticed messages indicating a probe timeout had occurred. He is concerned that QoS in not functioning properly because the Domino server was not restarted after the probe timeout. Why was a server kill/restart not initiated? 

A. The Domino server has exceeded the default number of restarts. 

B. The Domino server was waiting for a load intensive compact operation to complete. 

C. The QOS_RESTART_TIMEOUT parameter must be set to a value greater than 10 minutes. 

D. By default, the QoS no kill option is enabled and sends an email notification to the administrator instead of restarting the server. 


Q43. Livi's company already uses SAML 1.1. Which option can Livi use to configure that version of SAML with IBM Domino? 

A. Oracle Open SSO 

B. Active Directory 

C. OASIS Account Manager 

D. IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager 


Q44. Jeri has installed the IBM HTTP Server on the same computer as the IBM Domino HTTP server. Where does she specify which ports to use for SSL/TLS? 

A. notes.ini 

B. domino.conf 

C. Ports tab of the Server document 

D. Domino Web Engine tab of the Server document 


Q45. In order to enable the IBM Sametime Web Client to be used with IBM iNotes 9.0, which directory option must be used by the Sametime Community Server? 

A. IBM Domino LDAP 

B. Integrated Repositories 

C. IBM WebSphere LDAP 

D. Secret Tokens Database 


Q46. Where does the IBM Domino 9.0 Social Edition OpenSocial component store the credential store application (credstore.nsf)? 

A. IBM Domino LDAP server 

B. Domino server running ID vault 

C. Domino server running Shindig 

D. Domino server with SSL certificates installed on its keyring file 


Q47. Where can Ella ensure her users use AES-128 encryption with SHA-2? 

A. In the User Registration dialog, it is only available for new users. 

B. Person Document, "Can decrypt documents using FIPS 140-2 approved algorithms" 

C. Person Document, "Can encrypt documents using FIPS 140-2 approved algorithms" 

D. Server Configuration document, "Can encrypt documents using FIPS 140-2 approved algorithms" 


Q48. To prepare an IBM Domino server to accept SSL/TLS connections the ikeyman utility needs to be used. Where is this located? 

A. <Domino Data Directory> \IHS\bin 

B. <Domino Data Directory> \HTTP\bin 

C. <Domino Progam Directory> \IHS\bin 

D. <Domino Progam Directory> \SSL\bin 


Q49. Karen wants to run the IBM Notes Browser Plug-in with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Which browser option must Karen set to have the plug-in work properly? 

A. On the Security tab, uncheck "Enable Protected Mode". 

B. On the Advanced tab, check "Enable automatic crash recovery". 

C. For Tabbed Browser Settings, check "Warn me when closing multiple tabs". 

D. For Tabbed Browser Settings, uncheck "Always switch to new tabs when they are created". 


Q50. How would enabling "Mark new contacts as private by default" affect users? 

A. Users would not be able to send Contacts as vCards to other users. 

B. Contacts would automatically be hidden from the default contacts view in the local address book. 

C. Users would be prevented from adding contacts as public as they would not be able to override the policy setting. 

D. Users would have to manually remove the 'Mark private' option when creating new contacts if they wanted to delegate access to those contacts.