C2040-405 | The Up to the immediate present Guide To C2040-405 exam

Q11. Which document is used to configure IBM Docs integration with IBM Domino? 

A. Server document 

B. Person document 

C. Server Configuration document 

D. Mail Policy Settings document 


Q12. Livi's company already uses SAML 1.1. Which option can Livi use to configure that version of SAML with IBM Domino? 

A. Oracle Open SSO 

B. Active Directory 

C. OASIS Account Manager 

D. IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager 


Q13. Given this widget URL, "http://my.server.com/directory/file.html", what would be the format of the widget URL for use as an embedded experience in an IBM Notes email? 

A. http://*/directory/file.html 

B. http://my.server.com/html/* 

C. http://my.server.com/directory/* 

D. http://my.server.com/directory/widget.ntf 


Q14. John is configuring federated login for his IBM Notes users. Where does he store the metadata.xml file that he receives from the Identity Provider (IdP)? 

A. the ID Vault 

B. the IdP Catalog 

C. the Credential Store 

D. each user's Notes ID 


Q15. If the widget developer created the widget, and published the widget to the corporate widget catalog, why would the IBM Notes and IBM iNotes 9.0 users be unable to install the widget from the catalog? 

A. The users need to restart their Notes clients. 

B. The widget developer needs to approve the widget. 

C. The widget catalog administrator needs to approve the widget. 

D. The administrator needs to assign the security policy to the users. 


Q16. Simone enabled Quality of Service (QoS) on her IBM Domino 9.0 servers. Additionally, she configured it to restart Domino automatically and verified QoS is running on the server. Several nights later, a new application was installed and the server crashed overnight. When Simone arrived in the morning, the server was still down. What would cause this? 

A. She started the Domino server with the Java controller. 

B. The Domino server has a password on the server ID file. 

C. The QoS controller log lacked the correct template file assigned to it. 

D. The QOS_PROBE_TIMEOUT notes.ini variable is set less than the QOS_PROBE_INTERVAL variable. 


Q17. What does the notes.ini parameter iNotes_WA_strictWidgetFilter do? 

A. It only effects the category installation of widgets. 

B. It only effects the drag-and-drop installation of a widget. 

C. It controls whether the filtering of widgets during category installation is strict or not strict. 

D. It checks the "Platform" field list of the widget then installs the widget on the IBM Notes client. 


Q18. What Program document feature provides more flexibility to an administrator? 

A. Server group names can be used in Program documents. 

B. Program documents can be triggered to run by a mail-in database. 

C. Program documents can use the Microsoft Windows built-in Task Scheduler. 

D. Microsoft Active Directory server names can be used in Program documents. 


Q19. What security feature isolates and protects OpenSocial widgets from third-party sources that might try to cause harm to other widgets, the browser, or other applications? 



C. domain locking 

D. notes.ini settings 


Q20. Jim enabled Quality of Service (QoS) on the IBM Domino server with values for the QOS_PROBE_INTERVAL and QOS_PROBE_TIMEOUT parameters of 2 minutes and 10 minutes respectively. After examining the qosctnrlrtimestamp.out file, Jim noticed messages indicating a probe timeout had occurred. He is concerned that QoS in not functioning properly because the Domino server was not restarted after the probe timeout. Why was a server kill/restart not initiated? 

A. The Domino server has exceeded the default number of restarts. 

B. The Domino server was waiting for a load intensive compact operation to complete. 

C. The QOS_RESTART_TIMEOUT parameter must be set to a value greater than 10 minutes. 

D. By default, the QoS no kill option is enabled and sends an email notification to the administrator instead of restarting the server.