C2040-405 | Update C2040-405 Exam Study Guides With New Update Exam Questions

Q31. An IBM Notes user kills the Notes client while its still busy waiting for input, and this results in a new record in the Fault Reports database. How will this type of crash be categorized in the version 

9.0 By Disposition view? 

A. Problem category 

B. Informational category 

C. Possible Problem (possibly actionable) category 

D. Possible Problem (likely NOT actionable) category 


Q32. Monica has configured her IBM Domino Web server for federated login using SAML, but when she starts the server, the server console displays the following message: HTTP Server: SAML configuration error. SAML is enabled for server [IdP], but no active IdP configuration could be loaded. Monica examines the IdP Configuration document, and it appears to be OK. What else should she check? 

A. ID Vault configuration document 

B. Security Tab of the Server configuration document 

C. Federated Login tab of the Policy settings document 

D. Domino Web Engine tab of the Server document (or Internet Site document, if used) 


Q33. What does the IBM Domino administrator need to do to make sure version 9.0 Fault Analyzer features are available and working? 

A. Make sure the design of the Fault Reports database is upgraded. 

B. Make sure the latest NSD 9.0 version is installed on all Domino servers. 

C. Make sure version 9.0 Fault Analyzer task is updated in the ServerTasks= line in notes.ini. 

D. Make sure the Server configuration document for the Domino server that has the Fault Analyzer task enabled is updated with the new features. 


Q34. What is the preferred user interface for widgets in both IBM Notes and IBM iNotes clients, providing all with the same experience when using the widget catalog? 


B. XPages 

C. JavaScript 

D. LotusScript 


Q35. John wants to enable new Inbox features in the IBM Notes client for his users. What feature will be available to his users when John completes the upgrade to IBM Notes and Domino 9.0? 

A. Users will be able to group messages by date in the Inbox. 

B. Users will see a Mail Recall button for email sent to the Internet. 

C. Users will see a new Social Client toolbar for access to public Social networking sites. 

D. Users will not see any new features until they enable Notes 9.0 Inbox features in their client preferences. 


Q36. Richard is having trouble using federated login. What should his administrator do to assist with troubleshooting? 

A. Enable log analysis on the IBM Domino server. 

B. Enable SAML probes in Domino Domain Monitoring. 

C. Enable SAML diagnostics on the Domino server using the proper notes.ini parameters. 

D. Enable SAML diagnostics on the IBM Notes client using the proper notes.ini parameters. 


Q37. Using the Linked Files feature when integration between IBM iNotes 9.0 and IBM Connections Files is enabled, Nancy wants to send a file to a private group with 300 users. Which true statement will prevent Nancy from sending her file? 

A. Linked files are not supported for private groups. 

B. Linked files are supported for up to 20 recipients. 

C. Linked files are not supported if DAOS has been enabled. 

D. Linked files are recommended for use when the number of recipients is less than 100 users. 


Q38. Stu received an escalated support ticket because the Widget Approval process is not prompting for the OAuth data on his IBM Domino 9.0 Social Edition server. What is the cause for this issue? 

A. He is using the OAuth3 protocol. 

B. The Widget Catalog ODS is not upgraded for Domino 9.0. 

C. Domino 9.0 does not support OpenSocial gadgets on upgraded servers. 

D. The name attribute associated with each OpenSocial gadget is missing and needs a value. 


Q39. What servers are the minimum required to enable IBM iNotes 9.0 with the IBM Sametime Web Client? 

A. Domino 9.0 server, Sametime Proxy server 

B. IBM HTTP Server, Sametime Proxy server 

C. Sametime Community server, Domino 9.0 server, Sametime Proxy server 

D. Sametime Community server, Domino 9.0 server, Sametime System Console 


Q40. Which two options need to be deployed in order to enable IBM iNotes 9.0 with the IBM Sametime Web Client? 

A. Sametime Proxy Server 

B. Sametime Web Services 

C. Sametime Meeting Server 

D. Sametime Community Server 

E. Sametime Token Authentication Services 

Answer: A,D