C2040-405 | Best Quality IBM C2040-405 practice test

Q51. Susan wants to deploy the widget features to her IBM iNotes users. How must she handle the Widget Catalog in her environment to ensure success? 

A. Create a Widget Catalog on the IBM Domino Widget server. 

B. Place a replica on the Domino server hosting the iNotes Redirect database. 

C. The Widget Catalog is only required to enable the Widget capability in IBM Notes. 

D. A replica of the Widget Catalog must exist on each iNotes mail server in her environment. 


Q52. Genny would like to provide IBM iNotes users the ability to view certain document types without the need to install an office productivity suite. How can she do this? 

A. Integrate IBM Docs with the Domino Web server. 

B. Integrate with an IBM WebSphere Portal system. 

C. Configure IBM Web Content Manager with the Domino Web server. 

D. Set the view_docs=1 parameter in the IBM Domino server's notes.ini. 


Q53. How can Greg force users to use the server first when a user is presented with a typeahead list? 

A. Greg would enable the typeahead option in the Directory Assistance document. 

B. Greg would enable the server first option in the desktop settings policy preferences tab. 

C. Greg would create a desktop settings policy to enable TypeaheadShowServerFirst=1 in the notes.ini. 

D. Greg would have to push out a desktop settings policy to prevent clients from accessing the local address book in a typeahead lookup. 


Q54. What technique can be used when creating Program documents? 

A. Dynamic groups can be used for the "Server to run on" field. 

B. Regular expressions can be used in the "Server to run on" field. 

C. Pattern matching characters can be used in the "Server to run on" field. 

D. Servers can be added to a Program document from the Microsoft Active Directory connector. 


Q55. Pete's company uses Microsoft Active Directory and they would like users to be able to use their Active Directory login to access the IBM Notes client without requiring a separate login. What does Pete need to configure to do this? 

A. Add the users to the AD.nsf database. 

B. Enable LDAP on the IBM Domino server. 

C. Configure Notes federated login using SAML. 

D. Cross-certify the Domino server with the Active Directory server. 


Q56. On which clients can OpenSocial widgets be installed? 

A. IBM Notes 8.5.1 or later clients 

B. Notes 8.5.3 or later clients 

C. IBM iNotes 8.5.3 or later clients 

D. iNotes 9.0 Social Edition or later clients 


Q57. Which statement is true regarding locked domains and IBM iNotes Widgets using OpenSocial components? 

A. Locked domains must be enabled using the notes.ini variable Lcked_Hosts. 

B. Locked domains prevent external mail domains from having unauthorized, direct access to widgets. 

C. Locked domains should not be enabled unless IBM WebSphere Application Server 7.0 or older is being used. 

D. Locked domains prevent widgets from having direct access to secure information in the browser and in other widgets on the page.