C2040-409 | 10 Tips For Most recent C2040-409 braindumps

Q41. Mary is using the OSGI console to debug an application and has ENABLE_BREAK=1 set in the client notes.ini. What does this parameter do? 

A. runs the application one line at a time 

B. forces a Java core if a JVM failure is encountered 

C. enables the break points that Mary wrote into the application 

D. bypasses any external calls in the application being debugged 


Q42. An application developer has selected the database property "Support Response Thread History". What effect does the setting have on documents in the database? 

A. Allows for existing documents to be sorted and maintained in a response hierarchy. 

B. New replica or copy of the database with existing threads will also be processed for thread citizenship and a place in the hierarchy 

C. Documents created after selecting the option will contain additional information fields allowing them to be sorted into a document response hierarchy 

D. New and existing documents in the database will contain additional information fields allowing them to be sorted into a document response hierarchy 


Q43. Which is true for createSession(hostString, tokenString) ? 

A. This method works from an Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) application in IBM WebSphere. 

B. Internet access is granted to the session based on authentication by the IBM Domino HTTP server. 

C. This method works in a WebSphere environment where the Credentials object is created using loginHelper. 

D. The token must be a valid token for single sign-on obtained from Session.getSessionToken, the LtpaToken cookie used by WebSphere, or theHTTP cookie list in a servlet. 


Q44. An IBM Domino application performs certain operations, such as DDE-related functions, that are not available in all platform versions of IBM Notes and Domino. What function can be used to determine the underlying operating system? 

A. @Version 

B. @ClientType 

C. @Platform([Specific]) 

D. @Platform([ClientType]) 


Q45. How can a developer find out which applications are his that are not in any working set? 

A. Click on the hotspot labeled "Applications not in Working Set" on the Discover page of the IBM Domino Designer client. 

B. Any application opened in the Domino Designer client is part of a working set so there are no application not in a working set. 

C. Use the Working Sets Eclipse view to show the contents of all the working sets as well as the applications not in a working set. 

D. There is no way to do this automatically and the developer will need to manually go through all of the working sets to see what they contain. 


Q46. What benefit does using a working set in the IBM Domino Designer client allow? 

A. In order to work on an application in the Domino Designer client, it must be in a working set. 

B. It allows source control functionality to automatically track any changes to the databases in the working set. 

C. It will prevent other designers from modifying applications while a developer is working with them in a working set. 

D. It allows a designer to group all databases that are part of a project together so only they are showing in the Application Navigator. 


Q47. How would a developer make a view a calendar view? 

A. Use the built-in calendar applet to display the view. 

B. Calendar views can only be created at database creation. 

C. Use a selection formula that will only include calendar events in the view. 

D. Set the "Style" field on the View Info tab of the View properties to be "Calendar". 


Q48. If Jane wants to adjust the content of the perspectives in IBM Domino Designer, how would she do this? 

A. Click Window > Navigation 

B. Click Window > Open Perspective 

C. Click File > Preferences > Show Eclipse Views 

D. Click File > Preferences > Domino Designer > Applications Navigator 


Q49. James has been asked to create an IBM LotusScript agent that will open and modify the Microsoft Windows operating system initialization file. In order to complete the task, where would the agent signer's name need to be listed in the IBM Domino Server document? 

A. "Run restricted LotusScript/Java agents" 

B. "Run unrestricted methods and operations" 

C. "Sign agents to run on behalf of the invoker of the agent" 

D. "Sign script libraries to run on behalf of the operating system" 


Q50. James is using a profile document in his application. Which statement describes how users of the application will view the profile document? 

A. Profile documents cannot be viewed in a finished application. 

B. Profile documents will appear using the View menu - Show Profiles. 

C. Profile documents can only be viewed by the developer of the application. 

D. Profile documents do not appear in views and are only accessible through formulas and scripts.