C2040-409 | Avant-garde IBM C2040-409 vce

Q51. Which two data sources does extlibx provide for XPages? (Choose two.) 

A. JDBC Save for write access 

B. JDBC Open for data access 

C. JDBC Query for read only access 

D. JDBC RowSet for read/write access 

E. JDBC OpenforWrite provides read and write access 

Answer: C,D 

Q52. Phil is creating an application where he wants users to be able to create local replicas. Which access control list privilege must users have to create the local replicas? 

A. Create documents 

B. Delete documents 

C. Create personal folders/views 

D. Replicate or copy documents 


Q53. Charles has decided that he will add highlighting to a navigator object and has chosen the option "Highlight when clicked". What will be the result of choosing this option? 

A. The object remains highlighted while the user clicks the object. 

B. The object remains highlighted until the user clicks another object. 

C. The object remains highlighted until the user double-clicks the object. 

D. The object remains highlighted while hovering over the object until the user clicks on the object. 


Q54. Where are the configuration settings for remote debug? 

A. HTTP tab of the Server document 

B. Security tab of the Server document 

C. Remote Debug Manager tab of the Server document 

D. File - Tools - Remote Debugger from the IBM Domino Designer client menu 


Q55. Simon has been asked to create an agent that will return a list of all of the attachments in an IBM Notes document. Which method or property of the NotesRichTextNavigator or NotesRichTextItem class will Simon use to complete the task? 

A. EmbeddedObjects property of NotesRichTextItem 

B. GetEmbeddedObjects method of NotesRichTextItem 

C. EmbeddedObjects property of NotesRichTextNavigator 

D. GetEmbeddedObjects method of NotesRichTextNavigator 


Q56. Mary would like to log information about an XPage application she has written. What can Mary do to log output from her application? 

A. Use the remote debugger in the IBM Designer client to log detailed information. 

B. Use the Java handlers java.util.logging.ConsoleHandler and java.util.logging.FileHandler. 

C. Enable HTTPAgentLogging to write detailed information to the IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT directory. 

D. Enable IBM Domino console logging by setting console_log_enabled to write output to the console.log file. 


Q57. Which shared design element gives a developer the ability to control many aspects of the page layout, including headers, links, text, fonts, styles, color, and margins? 

A. HTML files 

B. image resources 

C. JavaScript libraries 

D. cascading style sheets 


Q58. Which access control list privilege can be revoked from a user with Manager access to a database? 

A. Delete documents 

B. Create documents 

C. Create personal views/folders 

D. Replicate or copy documents 


Q59. How would a developer comment out a setting in xsp.properties? 

A. The setting must be deleted. 

B. Use the "#" character as the first character in the line. 

C. Use the "//" character as the first character in the line. 

D. Insert "/*" in the beginning of the line and "*/" at the end of the line. 


Q60. What is the View_Rebuild_Dir notes.ini parameter used to specify? 

A. the frequency the view is rebuilt 

B. the temporary folder used for view rebuilds 

C. the maximum size of a view rebuild directory 

D. the maximum amount of time a view rebuild is allowed to take