C2040-409 | Far out IBM C2040-409 braindumps

Q61. Grayson created an application that is deployed on servers and with local replicas on individual user workstations. What feature of IBM Notes can limit the data deployed to local replicas? 

A. Managed Replicas 

B. Database Encryption 

C. Master Database Templates 

D. Selective Replication Formula 


Q62. Charles wants to add the company logo to the image resources in the mail template so that it can be used in the mail header for IBM Notes mail messages. Which statement describes how the letterhead will display? 

A. Anyone who sends and receives email will see the logo. 

B. Company employees that use the mail template will see the logo. 

C. Internet users who receive messages from the company's employees will see the logo. 

D. In order to use the logo, employees that use the mail template must have the template stored locally. 


Q63. Which is true about the @ClientType function? 

A. @ClientType can be used in column formulas. 

B. It returns "True" if the client is an IBM Notes client or Web browser. 

C. It returns "Client" used when executed in a server background agent. 

D. @ClientType can be used on forms and subforms in "Hide-when" formulas. 


Q64. Steven has taken over as the designer for an existing application and has received reports of incorrect data in a particular field in documents. He wants to find all the places in the database that access that field. How would he accomplish this search? 

A. Steven should create a full text index and search the index for the field name. 

B. Steven should use the Eclipse search perspective and search for the field name while the database is opened in this perspective. 

C. Steven should use the Eclipse search functionality and search for the field name on the File Search tab and choose selected resource as the scope. 

D. There is no way to accomplish this automatically. Steven will need to open each design element and search for the field name in each design element. 


Q65. Why would a developer create a role? 

A. to prevent users from creating folders and views on a server 

B. to select an access level for each person, group, and server 

C. to assign special access to database design elements and database functions 

D. to allow users to replicate or copy the database, or documents from the database 


Q66. John has a database that replicates across two servers with documents that are created and updated regularly on each server. Which two document ID components will always return the same value for a given document across both replicas of the database? (Choose two.) 


B. NoteID 

C. Serial Number 

D. Sequence Number 

E. Database Replica ID 

Answer: A,E 

Q67. Which @Function can be used to unlock a document? 

A. @Unlock 

B. @DocUnlock 

C. @UnlockNote 

D. @DocLock[Unlock] 


Q68. Anne wants to configure three Eclipse managed settings for one plugin using IBM Domino Designer. What is the correct syntax to use? 

A. "PluginName":"SettingName1";"SettingName2";"SettingName3" 

B. "PluginName";"SettingName1";"SettingName2";"SettingName3" 

C. "PluginName":"SettingName1":"SettingName2":"SettingName3" 

D. "PluginName"("SettingName1":"SettingName2":"SettingName3") 


Q69. Lee has a form with an Authors field on it. That field is computed and its value is "Users". When a document is created with the form, what effect does the field have on that document? 

A. The Users group will be listed in the CreatedBy field. 

B. Only members of the Users group will be able to modify the document. 

C. Only members of the Users group will be able to replicate or copy the document. 

D. There will be no effect if the members of the Users group have higher than Author level access to the database. 


Q70. James has a large number of image resources and he knows that the name of the image resource will change when it is updated. How can he add an alias name to the image resource? 

A. After the image resource name, type a vertical bar (|) followed by the alias name. 

B. Image resource names are chosen when they are created and cannot be renamed. 

C. Open the Image resource in the IBM Domino Designer client and add the alias name to the "Alias" field. 

D. Image resources are chosen at the time they are created and do not support an Alias name.