C2040-409 | how many questions of C2040-409 dumps?

Q11. Jane wants to displays errors, warnings, and other information about IBM Domino Designer resources. What step does she need to perform? 

A. click Window > Show Eclipse Views > Controls 

B. click Window > Show Eclipse Views > Navigator 

C. click Window > Show Eclipse Views > Problems 

D. click Window > Show Eclipse Views > Data Palette 


Q12. Mary's mobile application will be accessed using a Web browser using HTTPS. What must Mary do to ensure the browser will allow access to her application site? 

A. Import a trusted root certificate into the application. 

B. Create an SSL keyring using a third-party trusted certificate. 

C. Ensure the application host is defined in a Domain Name Server. 

D. Nothing, Domino provides this service without additional configuration. 


Q13. In which file do the Eclipse preferences reside? 

A. site.xml 

B. install.xml 

C. updatesite.zip 

D. plugin_customization.ini 


Q14. An XPages application needs to access user information such as unique ids, quota, and database roles for current user. This can be done using which option? 

A. Notes API 

B. Extension Library 

C. JavaScript Toolkit API 

D. Client Side JavaScript 


Q15. How would a developer comment out a setting in xsp.properties? 

A. The setting must be deleted. 

B. Use the "#" character as the first character in the line. 

C. Use the "//" character as the first character in the line. 

D. Insert "/*" in the beginning of the line and "*/" at the end of the line. 


Q16. Brian wants to manage his Java resources, but he is unable to find the tool to do this. What could be the issue? 

A. Brian does not have access to this tool. 

B. Brian is in the wrong Workbench window. 

C. Brian does not have access to the Java resources. 

D. Brian is not using the Java perspective in the Workbench. 


Q17. Which two options are required when developing a server-side agent which connects to IBM DB2 via JDBC? (Choose two.) 

A. The IBM Domino database must be ODS 51. 

B. The IBM Notes application must be an NSFDB2 database. 

C. The JDBC class must be defined in the agent via the include call. 

D. The JDBC class must be defined via the IMPORT Java function prior to use. 

E. The JDBC driver JAR file must be imported into the Notes database or available in the JavaUserClasses notes.ini. 

Answer: C,E 

Q18. What feature can be enabled with Access Controlled Sections? 

A. digital signatures 

B. custom read security 

C. restriction of rich text usage 

D. file attachment size limitation 


Q19. How would a developer use an existing script library containing Java code used in a Java agent? 

A. Add the name of the agent to the UsedBy field on the design tab of the script library. 

B. Create a new Java class in the agent that has the same name as the desired library. 

C. Edit the Java project for the agent and use the import button to choose the desired library. 

D. There is no such thing as a script library for Java. Script libraries are used for IBM LotusScript and JavaScript only. 


Q20. What database property prevents searches against database when it is not desirable to create new views or a full text index? 

A. "Don't allow search" 

B. "Prevent all searches" 

C. "Don't allow simple search" 

D. "Disable automatic updating of views"