C2040-409 | Latest C2040-409 Exam Study Guides With New Update Exam Questions

Q21. What is the function of the class com.ibm.xsp.exception.XSPExceptionInfo? 

A. returns the component that returned the error 

B. returns the operator passed on the failing call 

C. allows the developer to specify special error conditions 

D. allows the runtime to return additional information about the error 


Q22. Which three practices will help improve database performance? (Choose three.) 

A. Purge view indexes. 

B. Remove unused views. 

C. Do not cluster enable the database. 

D. Use form alias instead of true form name. 

E. Use a view alias instead of true view name. 

F. Update uidoc only once (uidoc.Reload) after all fields are written. 

Answer: A,B,F 

Q23. The IBM Domino Data Services (REST API) can be accessed from which type of program natively? 

A. Java and C 

B. only via Dojo 

C. Java, JavaScript and Dojo 

D. Java, C, JavaScript , IBM LotusScript, Dojo 


Q24. Mary has written an agent which is not thread safe. In which two run contexts can Mary safely run this agent? (Choose two.) 

A. from an IBM Notes client 

B. scheduled to run on server 

C. called via a DIIOP application 

D. called via OpenAgent from a browser 

E. from a Notes client where the agent uses RUNONSERVER 

Answer: A,B 

Q25. Mary is the IBM Domino administrator and needs to deploy an agent she has written. Mary's agent reads and writes data directly to the file system, is scheduled to run on server daily, and is signed by Mary's IBM Notes ID. What does Mary need to update to ensure the agent runs correctly? 

A. the agent Security setting "Runtime Security Level" to "2. Allow restricted operations" 

B. the Execution Control List (ECL) on each workstation to trust Mary's hierarchical name 

C. the access control list of the database hosting the agent to include her hierarchical name as Manager 

D. the Server document field "Sign or run unrestricted methods and operations" with Mary's hierarchical name 


Q26. Which three are design options available for specifying how views will behave when displayed in an Eclipse-based user interface? (Choose three.) 

A. Show Tab Navigator. 

B. Hide design elements. 

C. Show design elements. 

D. Hide the column header. 

E. Show full response hierarchies. 

F. Show Vertical/Horizontal switcher. 

Answer: A,D,F 

Q27. Eclipse-based source control clients work on physical files. As such they can not directly work with IBM Domino Designer projects that contain virtual files mapping to NSF-based design elements. Which statement defines these design elements? 

A. They only work with projects that are saved on disk. 

B. They with projects that have source controls defined. 

C. They work with projects that are available on the network. 

D. They only work with projects that are registered as source control compatible. 


Q28. John has a database that replicates across two servers with documents that are created and updated regularly on each server. Which two document ID components will always return the same value for a given document across both replicas of the database? (Choose two.) 


B. NoteID 

C. Serial Number 

D. Sequence Number 

E. Database Replica ID 

Answer: A,E 

Q29. Which statement is correct when using a theme in an XPage application? 

A. Themes are restricted to using CSS styles. 

B. Themes can be used in any CSS style sheet. 

C. Themes allow the designer to set and control any XML property. 

D. Themes are a standard XML design element and can be used in any HTML application including XPages. 


Q30. How can session token information be captured using a servlet? 

A. getSessionToken 

B. getSessionCookie 

C. HttpServletRequest.getToken() 

D. HttpServletRequest.getCookies()