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Q21. Which is the correct way to compute a client-side JavaScript variable fullName from two fields on a datasource firstName and lastName? A. var fullname = "#{javascript:document1.firstName + ' ' + document1.lastName;}"; B. var fullname = "#{javascript:document1.getDocument().firstName + ' ' + document1.getDocument().lastName;}"; C. var fullname = "#{javascript:document1.getI

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Q11. Which is true about a Callback control? A. identifies a facet region B. directs pager actions to a data control C. provides a screen readable description of a control D. provides a custom control with an area that can be edited when embedded in an XPage Answer: D Q12. There is a case where the XPage needs to check for certain conditions of the XPage prior to submission to the server f

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Q1. James has created an IBM Domino application that users will access over the web. He needs to create a link to open the application's "Using This Application" page. What URL string will he use? A. http://Host/Database?OpenAbout B. http://Host/Database/$help?OpenHelp C. http://Host/Database/$about?OpenHelp D. http://Host/Database/$about?OpenAbout Answer: B Q2. Charles needs to create

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Q61. Charles will use DOM to access document-related data using server-side JavaScript. Which class would Charles use to access character data? A. DOMTextData B. DOMComment C. DOMCharacterData D. DOMDocumentType Answer: C Q62. Jason is designing a mobile application with three mobile pages. Which control should Jason add to his XPage to be the overall container for all of the mobile pages

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Q51. Helen is using a Repeat control to add a row to a table for each view entry in a Domino View data source. When she tests her code she sees 10 tables and not one table with 10 rows. How could she correct this? A. In the Output section select the "Create as a Table" option and individually add the fields to be displayed. B. Use the ignoreTableHeader property of the repeat control to suppress

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Q41. James is creating an IBM LotusScript agent that will concatenate a string value and a numeric expression. Using the following code snippet, what will be the output? a$ = "500" b% = 200 c$ = "100" print (a$ & b%) + c$ A. 500200100 B. 700100 C. 500300 D. 800 Answer: A Q42. Which is true with regards to XPages Event Handlers? A. Event Handlers must be attached to an XPage control ev

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Q21. How many of the JavaServer Faces (JSF) lifecycle phases involve the processing of events? A. 1 B. 2 C. 4 D. 6 Answer: C Q22. Jessica wants to resize a text field from its default size. What should she enter in the HTML attributes for the field? A. ROWS=10 COLS=20 B. "ROWS=10 COLS=20" C. SIZE=75 MAXLENGTH=100 D. "SIZE=75 MAXLENGTH=100" Answer: C Q23. Gabe is using the Calendar c

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Q11. Lynn would like to obtain the current date and time from the server hosting the database where his Formula code is executing. Which line of code could he use to do that? A. myTime := @Now([SERVERTIME]) B. myTime := @ServerTime([NOW]) C. myTime := @Time([SERVER]:[NOW]) D. myTime := @Server([TIME]:[NOW]) Answer: A Q12. There is a case where the XPage needs to check for certain condition

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Q1. Which property does the Dojo Text Area control have that the Multiline Edit Box control does not? A. Dojo Text Area has a trim property. B. Dojo Text Area has a autodate property. C. Dojo Text Area has a htmlFilter property. D. Dojo Text Area has a currentDate property. Answer: A Q2. Twill is using the NotesDXLImporter class to import a text file containing the DXL for an IBM LotusScri

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Q31. Akane is trying to decide between using @Command([RefreshWindow]) and @Command(ReloadWindow]) in a view action. What is the significant difference between the two? A. @Command([RefreshWindow]) executes immediately. @Command(ReloadWindow]) executes after other functions in the action havecompleted. B. @Command(ReloadWindow]) executes immediately. @Command([RefreshWindow]) executes after oth

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Q21. What are three valid input objects for the NotesXMLProcessor class? (Choose three.) A. NotesView B. NotesForm C. NotesStream D. NotesDXLImporter E. NotesDXLExporter F. NotesRichTextItem Answer: C,E,F Q22. Lynn would like to obtain the current date and time from the server hosting the database where his Formula code is executing. Which line of code could he use to do that? A. myTime

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Q11. When adding a custom control to his XPage, Dennis wants to display a custom message to the designer rather than the normal design representation of the custom control. How would he accomplish this? A. In the custom control Design view, select the Design Definition section and enter the custom XSP Markup. B. In the custom control Properties view, select the Design Definition section and ent

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Q1. Pamela wants to be able to able to debug her JavaScript within her XPages in the Notes client (XPiNC) application. What Extension Library control should she add to her XPage to enable this? A. Firebug B. Firebug Lite C. XPiNC CSJS Debugger D. XPages CSJS Debugger Answer: B Q2. Laura wants to add a flag to her XPages control, but does not see it in the All Properties section within IBM

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Q51. What is the size, in bytes, of the Long data type in IBM LotusScript? A. 2 B. 4 C. 8 D. 16 Answer: B Q52. Julia wants to display the contents from a column in an IBM Domino view on a mobile page. Which control should Julia add to her mobile XPage to be the container for the Domino view? A. View B. Data View C. Mobile View D. Dynamic View Answer: B Q53. How many of the JavaServe

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Q41. Jason added a Data View control to an XPage and defined as its data source the "CustomersByNameView" in the Customers application. He specified the CustomerName column as the column to open the selected customer document when clicked. Into which property of the Data View control should Jason add columns to display the values from the City, Contact and Phone columns in the data source? A. co

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Q61. Sofia has created a button on an XPage that has the following JavaScript code for the onclick event: sessionScope.put("School","Walton"); If the application is closed and reopened, what is the value in contained in sessionScope.School? A. "" B. null C. School D. "Walton" Answer: B Q62. Nathan wishes to create the ability to refresh a specific area of his XPage. Starting with "Select t