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Q1. Pamela wants to be able to able to debug her JavaScript within her XPages in the Notes client (XPiNC) application. What Extension Library control should she add to her XPage to enable this? 

A. Firebug 

B. Firebug Lite 

C. XPiNC CSJS Debugger 

D. XPages CSJS Debugger 


Q2. Laura wants to add a flag to her XPages control, but does not see it in the All Properties section within IBM Domino Designer in Eclipse. How can she add a custom attribute? 

A. Use the dojoAttributes property under the Dojo section. 

B. In the XPage source page, type the desired attribute name into the XML markup. 

C. Use the attr property under the basics section to add the custom attribute and value. 

D. Use the attribute property under the basics section to add the custom attribute and value. 


Q3. Gabe is using the Calendar classes to create a repeat meeting. How does Gabe use the NotesCalendar class to create a repeating event? 

A. Gabe will need to use the CreateRepeatEntry method of the NotesCalendar class. 

B. Gabe needs to include an RRule item in the iCalendar data he is passing to the CreateEntry call. 

C. Gabe will need to make a call to the CreateEntry method of the NotesCalendar class for each occurrence of the event. 

D. Gabe should populate the Repeat property of the NotesCalendarEntry to true and populate the RepeatInterval property of theNotesCalendarEntry with the correct data. 


Q4. Which control, used to dynamically switch content, includes support to code the Dynamic Content display using a Simple Action, client-side or server-side JavaScript? 

A. Switch 

B. Dynamic Content 

C. Multi-image Output 

D. Dynamic View Panel 


Q5. The "Run server-based XPages applications directly on Domino server" property setting is selected for an xPage application. When launched by an IBM Notes client user, what will happen? 

A. The application will run using the local Notes web container. 

B. The application will run on the IBM Domino server over HTTP. 

C. The application is requested to run on the remote Domino server using DIIOP. 

D. The application will run in local Notes XPD web container and fetch design elements from Domino server. 


Q6. Within the JavaServer Faces (JSF) lifecycle the "view" which contains all the GUI components is managed internally by which object? 

A. Faces 

B. viewRoot 

C. FacesServlet 

D. FacesContext 


Q7. Tyler has designed a viewMobilePage to display a listing of customer names from the CustomersByName view. During testing Tyler determined that to avoid scrolling he will need to restrict the number of customer names displayed on the viewMobilePage to ten. How can he do this? 

A. Add the property and value of rows="10" to the <xe:dataView> control. 

B. Add the property and value of rows="10" to the <xp:viewPanel> control. 

C. Add the property and value of rows="10" to the <xp:dominoView> control. 

D. Add the property and value of rows="10" to the <xe:mobileView> control. 


Q8. Barb added an Application Layout control to the ccAppLayout custom control she is developing. What must Barb do to enable all of the editable areas in the Application Layout control for use on the XPages where she will add the ccAppLayout custom control? 

A. Nothing. All editable areas are enabled by default. 

B. Into each editable area she needs to add an Editable Area control. 

C. She must set the enableEditableAreas property of the configuration to "true". 

D. She must set the enableEditableAreas property of the applicationLayout to "true". 


Q9. Which three properties in the Dojo Text Box control are available in the Edit Box control? (Choose three.) 

A. alt 

B. trim 

C. lang 

D. type 

E. header 

F. inputType 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q10. Charles needs to create a button with a link that will open an attachment that is in a document in his Domino application. What is the proper syntax to use for the URL in the button ? 

A. http://Host/Database/View/Document/Filename?OpenElement 

B. http://Host/Database/View/Document/$Filename?OpenElement 

C. http://Host/Database/View/Document/$Filename?OpenAttachment 

D. http://Host/Database/View/Document/$File/Filename?OpenElement