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Q21. Nam has created an Application Page control with other controls within it and has placed it on his XPage. However, when he loads his XPage in a browser on his desktop for testing, he doesn't see the control. What is one possible reason for this? A. He needs to add the viewAsMobilemeta tag to the XPage. B. He did not place the Application Page control within a Single Page Application c

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Q11. Slobo is working on an XPages Mobile application that has a page that displays pictures. He needs to be able to allow the user to touch and swipe to navigate through the pictures. How can he add this experience to the XPages Mobile application? A. Drag an <xe:lightBox> control into an <xe:appPage> tag. then set the images property of the <xe:lightBox> control by adding a

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Q1. Rachel is developing a mobile XPage application. She would like to send users to a specific XPage based on the request header. Which XPage control can she utilize to accomplish this task? A. Redirect or <xe:redirect> B. Navigator or <xe:navigator> C. Redirect Page or <xe: redirectToPage> D. Navigate Page or <xe: navigateToPage> Answer: D Q2. What is the effect

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Q1. Which Application Page control property can be used to load it to the server-side tree when the XPage is initially loaded? A. loaded="true" B. onLoad="true" C. preload^'true" D. initialLoad="true'" Answer: A Q2. Jon is using the user bean Access Level property to determine a users access. The value returned is 2. What access level does that indicate? A. Editor B. Author C.

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Q1. Adam is developing a mobile application that uses XPages, but is having issues getting it to work. He suspects the issue is with one of the controls on the page. How can Adam evaluate the contents of that control? A. Use a dumpObject control to output the contents of the suspected control. B. Use a dispIayObject control to output the contents of the suspected control. C. Enable the server

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Q11. What steps should a developer take to ensure that the appropriate page is opened when a user connects to the application over a mobile device? A. Use the context. getUserAgent () . getuserlnfo (); to detect the client connecting, then use context. redirectToPage to specify the XPage to launch. B. Use the context.getUserAgent () .get Browser (); to detect the client connecting, then use con