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Q61. - (Topic 2) When setting up an IBM Notes Traveler 9.0 environment, between which two locations must port 1352 be opened? A. Notes Traveler server and mail server B. Notes Traveler server and mobile devices C. Notes Traveler server does not use that port. D. Notes Traveler server and reverse proxy server Answer: A Q62. - (Topic 1) The IBM Notes Traveler administrator has just run the

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Q51. - (Topic 2) What does IBM Notes Traveler 9.0 require in High Availability mode? A. SIP Proxy B. IP Sprayer C. IBM Connect D. triple-homed firewall Answer: B Q52. - (Topic 2) Luis has given Android devices to his team only to find that password monitoring is not working. Which reason could be behind this problem? A. Devices are running Android 1.x. B. He must also deploy IBM Travel

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Q41. - (Topic 2) With what versions of IBM Domino and IBM Notes Traveler can the Notes Traveler servers be clustered? A. Notes Traveler servers cannot be clustered. B. with all supported versions of Notes Traveler and Domino C. with Notes Traveler 9.0 and higher and Domino 9.0 and higher D. with version Notes Traveler 8.5.3 and higher and Domino 8.5.x and higher Answer: A Q42. - (Topic 2)

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Q31. - (Topic 2) How can an administrator set an IBM Notes Traveler High Availability pool to have consistent settings on all of the servers? A. Copy the traveler.ini file to each of the servers. B. Copy the notes.ini file to to each of the servers. C. Create a Server document to be used by all the servers. D. Create a Configuration document to be used by all the servers. Answer: D Q32. -

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Q21. - (Topic 2) An IBM Notes Traveler administrator wants to ensure the Derby database will automatically be defragged every 30 days, so the notes.ini parameter NTS_DEFRAG_INTERVAL_DAYS=30 is added. What else must be done for the Derby database to defrag? A. The administrator must also add the notes.ini parameter NTS_LAST_DEFRAG. B. Nothing else is necessary, the defrag will then occur every

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Q11. - (Topic 1) An administrator adds User A to an IBM Notes Traveler device settings document, which requires an alphanumeric password for Apple devices. The administrator then adds User A to Group A, which is listed in the Notes Traveler Policy Settings document. The Notes Traveler Policy Settings document requires Apple users to have a device password length of 6. What behavior will User A e

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Q1. - (Topic 1) How does the IBM Notes Traveler server detect mail file replicas on an IBM Domino server? A. during the Notes Traveler installation B. through a Policy document on the Domino server C. through a setting in preferences on the IBM Notes client D. by reading the replica entries in the Domino cluster directory database on the mail server of the user Answer: D Q2. - (Topic 2) 

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Q61. - (Topic 1) Charles has found that iOS devices are frequently requesting a full sync or reload of the IBM Notes Traveler data. What would cause the behavior? A. any HTTP 500 errors B. any HTTP 403 errors C. multiple HTTP 500 errors D. multiple HTTP 403 errors Answer: C Q62. - (Topic 2) An IBM Notes Traveler administrator wants to ensure the Derby database will automatically be defra

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Q51. - (Topic 1) IBM Notes Traveler includes support for two-way, push, manual, or scheduled syncing for mail, calendar, and contacts for supported Apple devices. Which other feature is supported? A. Notes Traveler supports syncing of the Reminders application. B. Contacts support includes syncing of all IBM Domino contact fields, including the photo field. C. Apple devices support Microsoft

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Q1. - (Topic 1) The IBM Notes Traveler statistic DeviceSync.Count.200 reports what information? A. number of full device syncs B. number of failed device syncs C. number of successful device syncs D. maximum allowed concurrent device syncs Answer: C Q2. - (Topic 2) What console command can be used to get logging that will focus on a single user? A. tell traveler dump <username> B

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Q31. - (Topic 2) What level of access to the IBM Notes Traveler administration database must a person have to issue a 'Wipe Device' command? A. Editor B. Manager C. [Administrator] role D. [TravelerAdmin] role Answer: C Q32. - (Topic 1) What can the MaxActiveThreads from a systemdump file be used to determine? A. current number of active HTTP threads B. current number of active

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Q21. - (Topic 1) After upgrading from IBM Notes Traveler to version 9.0, which two substitution rules will be created to allow for proper synchronization over HTTP? (Choose two.) A. /traveler* --> /servlet/traveler* B. /servlet/traveler* --> /traveler* C. /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync* -->/traveler/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync* D. /traveler/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync* -->

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Q41. - (Topic 2) When performing a capacity planning analysis for an IBM Notes Traveler High Availability environment with an enterprise database server, what does the administrator need to plan for a sustained number of? A. load balancers B. IBM Notes Traveler servers C. clustered database servers D. IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) Answer: D Q42. - (Topic 2) IBM Notes Traveler

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Q51. - (Topic 2) What console command can be used to get logging that will focus on a single user? A. tell traveler dump <username> B. tell traveler focus <username> C. tell traveler synclog <username> D. tell traveler dump connect <username> Answer: A Q52. - (Topic 2) What does the IBM Notes Companion Application allow? A. Windows Mobile clients to open attachme

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Q1. - (Topic 1) Which product must be installed first to install IBM Notes Traveler 9.0? A. IBM Domino 9.0 B. Domino 8.5.x or 9.0 C. IBM DB2 or SQL server D. IBM WebSphere 7.0 or later Answer: A Q2. - (Topic 2) How does the IBM Notes Traveler server obtain the ability to communicate with the enterprise database? A. The administrator must install the IBM WebSphere Administration client.