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Q21. Maggie is fine-tuning her OpenSocial gadget to render on screen.What type of interface is she building that involves the getCallback{) method?A. timer MiniMessageB. Flash movie playbackC. tabbed gadget interfaceD. status update to contact listAnswer: BQ22. Which are valid REST API calls?A. GET, POST, PUT ,DELETEB. POST, PUT ,FETCH, DELETEC. GET, UPDATE,PUT, DELETED. SELECT, POST, GET, DELET

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Q11. Marco is creating an OpenSocial gadget that would retrieve and show dynamically created data.Which approach can result in performance improvement?A. Disable image pre-loading.B. Use Cache-Control HTTP header.C. Load all external content using Ajax.D. Deliver all resources from external domains.Answer: BQ12. Which two items are stored in the Credential Store database?A. firewall settings to

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Q1. What is true regarding a gadget with Type="URL"?A. Only Type="HTML" can be used for an OpenSocial Gadget.B. A standard set of parameters are not added to the URL by the gadget server.C. Type URL gadgets cannot take advantage of all features, notably features that manipulate HTML and JavaScript code directly.D. When loading JavaScript library requests, a server must provide an OAuth service fo

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Q21. Danica needs to consume an OpenSocial gadget in her IBM Notes Web application. The rendered page is generated from a Form design element.What is the best way to add an OpenSocial gadget to her web-based Notes Form?A. Create a computedText field and make it a Pass thru-HTML text area. For the computed value enter the appropriate Javascript within <script>. ,</script>tags.B. Create

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Q11. IBM Connections portlets use the REST Service Call Builder for HTTP requests to the Connections REST API.When might a user see the error message "HTTP Status 403"?A. when there is a timeoutB. when the Connections server is unavailableC. when the proxy is not allowing access to the URLD. when the REST Service call builder is unavailableAnswer: CExplanation: Reference: http://www-10.lotus.com

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Q1. When adding the embedded experience to the Activity data model, the embed property can be added to the event directly.Which two properties are contained within embed object?A. actor and titleB. content and typeC. gadget and contextD. summary and objectTypeAnswer: CExplanation: Reference: http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/appdevwiki.nsf/xpDocViewer.xsp?lookupName=IBM+Connections+4.5+A PI+Documentat

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Q11. Merchele is working on a gadget and would like it to render locally. She understands that the OpenSocial Component will read data from the local replica of the widget catalog. However, she is finding that it is not rendering locally.Which might be a reason for this?A. The ACL is not set properly on the local replica.B. The gadget is using OAuth and needs to run remotely.C. The IBM Notes clien

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Q21. Which is a URL Embedded Experience?A. Using HTML<embed><url>http://www.facebook.com/gadgets.html</url> </embed>B. Using XML<embed><url>http://www. facebook.com/gadgets.htm</url> </embed>C. Using HTML<embed><gadget>http://www.facebook.com/gadgets.xml</gadget> </embed>D. Using XML<embed><gadget>http://www.faceb