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Q31. A company has deployed IBM Content Manager V8.5 for their image management platform and uses Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) to manage archived data. The administrator has found that a network bottleneck exists whenever data is migrated to the dedicated TSM server. The administrator wants to improve network performance and begins by checking the parameters or all network adaptors. Which of the

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Q21. An IBM Content Manager system administrator notices that the library server log occasionally records a replication error, indicating that one of the resource managers in the system is unavailable. Further investigation reveals that there are timeout errors related to this resource manager during periods of high usage- St is not feasible to change the replication schedule or alter the hardwar

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Q11. A solution designer is designing an IBM Content Manager system. As part of planning, the designer needs to make sure the hardware will be powerful enough to meet the throughput requirements. Which of following can be used to measure throughput of an IBM Content Manager system in a given interval of time? A. The number of database transactions in resource manager. B. The total number of op

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Q31. A solution designer is designing the data model for an invoicing system. One of the item types in the system will hold customer information that includes company name, contact name, address and telephone number. The requirements Tor the system state that many of these customers will have multiple contacts with different phone numbers and possibly different addresses. The system must allow us

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Q21. An administrator is planning to configure one of the IBM Content Manager components. They create a worksheet that includes the storage mount point and the staging area path. Which of the following components is the administrator planning to configure? A. Library server B. System administration client C. Resource manager database D. Resource manager application Answer: C Q22. IBM Cont

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Q11. To avoid impacting the business operating during day time, the company decides to run the replication service every night from 11PM to 5AM. The customer is in a time zone of GMT+8. Which of the Following is the correct way to manage the replicator service? A. Keep the replicator started. Set the replicator schedule as: Every day; Start at=15 OO; Duration Hours=6 B. Keep the replicator sta

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Q11. A bank is planning to replace their current document processing system with IBM Content Manager V8.5. Most of the item types to be created would be resource item types. A solution designer needs to objects using the bank’s data model. Which two of the following solutions could be used? A. IBM eClient B. IBM Content Navigator C. IBM Content Manager Client for Windows D. A customized Co

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Q31. Do all of the library server user exits need to be database user defined functions? A. No, none of the library server exits are database user-defined functions. B. No. only the logon user exit needs to be a database user defined function C. No. only one of the ACL user exits needs to be a database user-defined function D. Yes. all of the library server user exits need to bedatabase user-

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Q21. An IBM Content Manager solution designer wants to create a synchronized backup of the entire content management system including IBM DB2 databases, data, and configuration information. The designer has solutions for backing up content management data and configuration information and wants a solution for backing up content management DB2 databases. Which of the following options will satisf