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Q31. In the Web Applications tab of a workflow system, a P8 administrator defined and selected Workplace XT as the default web application. For what purpose(s) does the workflow system use the above information? A. To get the server base URL to provide Process Engine Web Service. B. To launch the Process Engine applets (e.g. Process Configuration Console). C. To determine the email notificati

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Q21. A system administer has successfully configured Content Federation Services for IBM FileNet Image Services and needs to start federating documents from Image Services to the IBM FileNet P8 Content Engine. What is the name of the tool that is used to start federating the documents in the above scenario? A. Remote Admin Console B. Remote Xapex Interface C. Remote Admin Task Manager D. Rem

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Q11. Which of the following iscompletely accurate about the permissions the cpe_install_user must have? A. Read permission on the /tmp directory. B. Membership in the appserver_admin_group. C. Read permission to the directories: file storage areas, index areas, and content caches. D. Read, Write and Execute permissions to the device or location where: Content Platform Engine is to be instal

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Q21. For a new IBM FileNet Content Engine server installation or upgrade, what additional information must be provided by an administrator and recorded in the installation and upgrade worksheet in addition to the Global Configuration Database name? A. Objectstore database names and database port numbers. B. Objectstore database names, database accounts and passwords. C. Objectstore database na

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Q11. A consultant for an aircraft engine manufacture is migrating their IBM Case Foundation system to a new set of hardware in order to handle an increased load in engineering drawings and their associated approval processes. Company policy does not allow the use of a graphical interface for application installations on their AIX servers. When the installation completes, what file should the con

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Q21. An insurance company has offices worldwide and makes use of the content cache areas for frequently accessed document content. Recently, the encryption key for encrypted storage area at this insurance company was compromised and a new key needs to be created. Which of the following is true for the original content in the content cache areas? A. If the original content is not encrypted, the

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Q31. Trace logging was initiated by the administrator to collect CBR Trace Flags and Error Trace flags for an IBM FileNet P8 Content Search issue. The issue has been reproduced and the logs need to be collected and reviewed. Where do the default locations of thep8_server_trace.logand thep8_server_error.logexist on a Content Engine Instance deployed on an IBM webSphere Application Server? A. WAS