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Q31. A client's data has information from several source systems combined into a single input file. The data needs to be matched within source system and all data must be retained. There is a field present in the data which identifies the source system. Which approach would best accomplish this task? A. Pass all the data into a Match One-source stage blocking on the Source System field. B.

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Q21. What four files are part of the QualityStage rule set? A. IPO. ITO. UCL, UTO B. IPD. ITO, UCL. UTO C. IPO. PTO. UPD. UTD D. PRC. TBL. PTO. OVR Answer: A Q22. You are using the Match Designer with a One-source match specification. You have attempted to configure the match specification test environment and received an error when you selected 'Update'. What is the most likely c

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Q11. What two approaches to use when determining fields to use for blocking? A. Investigate the combination of fields to assess block sizes. B. Selecting which field to use will have little impact on the matching results. C. Select fields with high data frequencies even if default values are present. D. Each field should be investigated to determine completeness and validity. E. Use as few f

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Q1. Given the following input: Which two override options would ensure that records 1. 2, 4, and 5 would be in the same match set? A. Agreement weight B. Both missing weight C. Data missing weight D. Disagreement weight E. Reference missing weight Answer: C,D Q2. Which data element is required for Address Verification (AVI)? A. City. B. Zip +4. C. Country. D. Record ID. Answer: C Q

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Q21. Which threshold is used to identify input data Strings are probably the same? A. 100 B. 800 C. 900 D. 1000 Answer: A Q22. What pattern would search from the end of the string to find a pattern that ends with a number? A. *^ B. #^ C. ,^ | $ D. #^ | $ Answer: C Q23. You are designing a reference match that will be run on a daily basis. Where should the reference data frequencies t

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Q1. Which statement is true? A. Complex Boolean survivorship rules are permitted. B. The first defined survivorship rule takes precedence. C. Complex fuzzy matching survivorship rules are permitted. D. Blank fields are automatically dropped from survivorship consideration. Answer: B Q2. A match pass is running a very long time. What is the most common first thing you should review? A. The

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Q11. What are two purposes of Standardization processing? A. It removes duplicate data elements. B. It identifies best record to move forward in processing. C. It certifies and verifies data elements based on USPS postal standards. D. It places each value into a single domain field, and transforms data into a standard format. E. It applies consistent representations, corrects misspellings, a

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Q21. A transaction date field has format MM-DD-YYYY. The customer wants to see how many records contain a valid month in the transaction date field. Which mask type should be used in the Character Discrete investigation? A. TTXXXXXXXX B. CCXXXXXXXX C. CCTTTTTTTT D. TTCCCCCCCC Answer: D Q22. When exporting a rule set to a .dsx file, what check box options should be selected? A. All check b