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Q31. Which technique can be utilized for the reporting of real-time statistics? A. Call stored procedure SYSPROC.DSNACCOX. B. Call stored procedure SYSPROC.ADMINJNFOJHOST. C. Query the SYSI BM.SYSTABSTATS system catalog table. D. Query the SYSIBM.SYSTABLES_PROFILES system catalog table. Answer: D Q32. Arrays are based on a built-in data type. On which built-in data type can an array NOT be

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Q21. Consider a logical data model that includes an Employees entity and a Projects entity. In this model, employees work on many projects and projects are worked on by many employees. The Employees and Projects entity is considered what kind of relationship? A. A one-to-one relationship. B. A one-to-many relationship. C. A many-to-one relationship. D. A many-to-many relationship. Answer: D

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Q11. Which DB2 subsystem parameter is used to control the number of concurrent inbound DDF connections? A. MAXDBAT B. CTHREAD C. CONDBAT D. CONTSTOR Answer: C Q12. The data of a critical table space seems inconsistent. It is suspected that someone has accidentally issued a DB2 command to start the object with MODE(FORCE). Where can this be verified? A. In the DSN1PRNT job output of the h

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Q1. A hotel prices its rooms differently at different times of the year. For example, Room 101 rents for $100 per night January through March, $150 per night April through September, and $80 per night October through December. Which type of table could be used to implement the time-based rate changes? A. A rate-period temporal table B. A range-based temporal table C. A system-period temporal

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Q31. The TCP/IP Already Verified (TCPALVER) DB2 system parameter controls whether DB2 accepts a TCP/IP connection requests. Which statement is NOT a valid value? A. TCPALVER=NO B. TCPALVER=YES C. TCPALVER=SERVER_SECURE D. TCPALVER=SERVERENCRYPT Answer: B Q32. Which DB2-supplied stored procedure captures statistics and DDL for DB2 objects, extracts subsystem parameters and explain informati

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Q21. What is the least disruptive way of externalizing real-time statistics for table space DB1TS1? A. -SET LOG LOGLOAD(O) B. -DISPLAY DB(DB1)SPACENAM(TS1) C. RUNSTATS TABLESPACE DB1TS1 D. -ACCESS DB(DB1) SPACENAM(TSI) MODE(STATS) Answer: C Q22. When would DB2 NOT use list prefetch? A. Fast log apply operations. B. Reading leaf pages of a disorganized index. C. RUNSTATS TABLESPACE witho

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Q31. When we use multilevel-security using a security label column, which sentence is true? A. A unique constraint is allowed on a security label column. B. A check constraint is not allowed on a security label column. C. A referential constraint is not allowed on a security label column. D. Multilevel security with row-level checking is enforced when DB2 checks a referential constraint. Ans

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Q11. DB2 AUDIT policies are defined by inserting rows into what DB2 Catalog table? A. SYSIBM.SYSDBAUTH B. SYSIBM.SYSAUTOALERTS C. SYSIBM.SYSAUDITPOLICIES D. SYSIBM.SYSTABLESPROFILES Answer: C Reference:http://www-01.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SSEPEK_11.0.0/com.ibm.db2z11.doc.seca/src/tpc/db2z_se cadmauthority.dita(9th bullet) Q12. Assuming you are the SYSADM, what is the effect of ex

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Q21. What is required before you begin your installation of DB2 11? A. Data sets for catalog and directory tables must be user-managed. B. Data sets for only the catalog tables must be SMS-managed and include a data class for allocating the data sets in extended format. C. Data sets for only the directory tables must be SMS-managed and include a data class for allocating the data sets in exten