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Q51. What are two system level databases? (Choose two.) A. sysperf B. sysadmin C. sysmaster D. sysmonitor E. sysscheduler Answer: B,C Q52. Which isolation level is appropriate if you do not want your query to place any locks? A. Dirty Read B. Cursor Stability C. Committed Read D. Repeatable Read Answer: A Q53. Which of the following is true about star schemas? A. A star schema is

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Q41. What is the lowest level of granularity supported by Enterprise Replication? A. column B. instance C. database D. fragment Answer: A Q42. Business rules require that every time a row in table A is updated in your OLTP database, a row in table B must also be updated. How can you guarantee this rule will be maintained correctly and consistently when there are multiple applications and d

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Q31. Which of the following is true of system catalogs? A. one system catalog per chunk B. one system catalog per instance C. one system catalog per database D. one system catalog per installation Answer: C Q32. Which of the following can be used in a SELECT statement to set one or more qualifying conditions to a group of records after they are formed? A. HAVING B. WHERE C. GROUP BY D.

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Q21. Which configuration parameter allows you to reduce the dependency on local OS user accounts and to enable a DBSA to grant database server access to specific users without the OS user accounts? A. USERMAPPING B. IFX_EXTEND_ROLE C. SECURITY_LOCALCONNECTION D. ADMIN_USER_MODE_WITH_DBSA Answer: A Q22. What Informix data type is suitable for storing video clips up to a size of 4 TB? A. BL

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Q11. Click the Exhibit button. The query.sql file contains the information shown in the exhibit. The following command is run: dbaccess ?query.sql How many rows will be returned by the select query? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 Answer: B Q12. Which utility would you use to print out the physical layout of the instance? A. onstat B. onmode C. onspaces D. dbschema Answer: D Q13. Click the Exh

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Q1. In what way is Enterprise Replication (ER) replication different from High-Availability Cluster (HAC) replication? A. All data types are replicated. B. The data to be replicated is defined at an instance level of granularity. C. The data to be replicated can be defined at a column level of granularity. D. The data to be replicated can not include simple blobs stored in simple blobspaces.

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Q61. Which two storage objects exist in Informix? (Choose two.) A. dbspace B. flash space C. smart rowspace D. smart blobspace E. encrypted space Answer: A,D Q62. Which two statements will delete all rows from table_name? (Choose two.) A. DROP FROM table_name ; B. DELETE FROM table_name ; C. DELETE * FROM table_name ; D. TRUNCATE TABLE table_name ; E. DELETE ALL FROM table_name ; An

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Q41. Click the Exhibit button. In the exhibit, which ALTER TABLE statement is used to add the foreign key constraint where customer_num column in the orders table is a foreign key that references the customer_num column in the customer table? A. ALTER TABLE customer ADD CONSTRAINT (FOREIGN KEY (order_num) REFERENCES order ); B. ALTER TABLE orders ADD CONSTRAINT (FOREIGN KEY (order_num) REFEREN

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Q31. Which command would you execute to restore to a specific moment-in-time? A. onbar -t timestamp B. onbar -r -log lognum C. onbar -r -t timestamp D. onbar -r -l timestamp Answer: C Q32. Which of the following utilities can be used for quick installation of pre-configured IBM Informix instances to many computers? A. Ontape utility B. Snapshot utility C. Archecker utility D. Deploymen

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Q41. What Informix data type is suitable for storing video clips up to a size of 4 TB? A. BLOB B. BYTE C. CLOB D. COLLECTION Answer: A Q42. Which command listed below can be used to change the state of an operating Informix server? A. oninit B. onstat C. onmode D. onparam Answer: C Q43. Which utility can be used to relocate the physical log to a new dbspace? A. onlog B. ontape C.

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Q21. Click the Exhibit button. In the exhibit, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.) A. the rootdbs dbspace is online B. the dataspace dbspace is online C. the rootdbs dbspace contains 2 chunks D. the dataspace dbspace contains 2 chunks E. the dataspace and rootdbs are both online Answer: A,C Q22. Which one of the following will generate a typical Decision Support System (DSS)

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Q11. Given INFORMIXCONTIME = 60 and INFORMIXCONRETRY = 3, if the initial connection attempt fails, what subsequent attempts will be made to connect? A. 60 and 120 seconds before aborting B. Every 3 minutes within one hour before aborting C. Every 3 seconds within one hour before aborting D. Wait indefinitely until it is successfully completed Answer: A Q12. Which command can be executed ag

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Q1. Which of the following is true about the remote query SELECT * FROM ABC@LMN:XYZ? A. SELECT from table ABC at database LMN on server XYZ B. SELECT from table ABC at server LMN on database XYZ C. SELECT from table LMN on database ABC on server XYZ D. SELECT from table XYZ on database ABC at server LMN Answer: D Q2. When installing Informix, which two installation methods can be used? (Ch