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Q31. What is a unique capability of scripting in IBM SPSS Modeler Professional?A. SuperNode creationB. Process automationC. Model customizationD. Output formattingAnswer: AExplanation: Reference:ftp://public.dhe.ibm.com/software/analytics/spss/documentation/modeler/16.0/en/modeler_jython_scripting_automation_book.pdfQ32. Which task is part of the Data Understanding stage of the CRISP-DM process

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Q21. A telecommunication company wants to predict their customers' purchase decisions from four service options (categorical value).Using IBM SPSS Modeler Professional, which modeling node should be used?A. LinearB. LogisticC. SuperNodeD. RegressionAnswer: DQ22. You have optimized four models that do not meet your performance goals. You believe that by mergingthese models together you would

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Q11. Which statement is correct about automated modeling nodes in IBM SPSS Modeler Professional?A. The Auto Clustering node generates Neural Net models.B. The Auto Classifier node supports Cox regression.C. The Auto Numeric node generates Linear models.D. The Auto Numeric node supports Bayes Net models.Answer: CQ12. You are hired by a large corporation to perform advanced analytics on their huma

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Q1. You have designed a model predicting the goals scored for each player in the World Cup and now want to evaluate the model using held-out scoring data.Which node is designed to produce this actual vs. predicted model evaluation?A. MeansB. AprioriC. StatisticsD. AnalysisAnswer: DQ2. The auditor of a credit bureau wants to verify that credit scores are between 100 and 800. Which two nodes would

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Q21. You have duplicate records that must be removed from a data set in IBM SPSS Modeler Professional.The appropriate node to perform this action would be found in which palette tab?A. SourcesB. Record OpsC. Field OpsD. ExportAnswer: BExplanation: Reference:http://www- 01.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SS3RA7_17.0.0/clementine/record_ops_nodes.htmlQ22. You have a data set with two different dat

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Q1. A customer has a large data set with no target variables or known results and is looking for a good approach for understanding more about groups within the data set.Which two IBM SPSS Modeler Professional node applications represent a correct approach to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)A. The customer uses a Kohonen node in an effort to group data into clusters using a self- organizing map

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Q31. You have a model nugget in the Models palette, but the stream used to create the model is not available. You want to refresh the model by rebuilding it on a new data set, but using the same variables and settings used to build the original model nugget.Which capability in the modeling nuggets in the Models palette will you use for this purpose?A. Add To StreamB. Save ModelC. Export PMMLD. Ge

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Q21. An online film streaming company is interested in building a movie recommendation model by analyzing the historical film watching pattern of its customers. For example, analysis of the historical data may reveal that all the customers who watched movie A and movie B, also had a high likelihood of watching movie C. This information can then be used to recommend movie C to all future customers