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Q41. A master operator created a retrieved property. The property will belong to which site? A. Audit Action Site B. Master Action Site C. Operator Action Site D. Non-Master Action Site Answer: B Explanation: A Retrieved Property is by default assigned to Action Site and can only be configured by a Master Operator, requiring the property to reside in Action Site Q42. What are the three v

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Q31. When does a Fixlet become not applicable to a computer? A. When all relevance statements for the Fixlet are true. B. When only one relevance statement for the Fixlet is true. C. When at least one relevance statement for the Fixlet is false. D. When the computer is subscribed to the site that contains the Fixlet. Answer: A Q32. Which Windows system folder are the client logs located in

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Q21. Which three conditions must be met for an endpoint to return results for an analysis? A. The analysis must be activated. B. The applicability relevance must evaluate to True. C. A master operator must first activate the analysis. D. The endpoint must be in the domain containing the analysis. E. The endpoint must be subscribed to the site containing the analysis. F. The analysis propert

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Q11. A user has recently deployed an action to a group of endpoints she currently manages. Several of these machines are reporting Constrained in their Last Reported Status of the action. What does this mean? A. The action was not given enough time to run on the endpoint before it expired. B. The downloads within the action are too large for the client cache. The cache size must be increased. 

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Q51. A non-master operator has permission to create content in a custom site called Patch Remediation. In which two sites can the operator create a new analysis? A. All Content site B. BES Support site C. Master Action site D. Patch Remediation site E. Non-master Operator's site Answer: B,D Q52. A software installation task has been developed which requires the target endpoint to be r

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Q31. What is the purpose of the Refresh Console button in the IBM Endpoint Manager (IEM) console? A. To ensure the IEM console version is current. B. To reload the console data from the local cache. C. To reload the local cache data from the BES Enterprise database. D. To send UDP broadcast messages to IEM agents and send a report back to the relay. Answer: B Q32. Which two statements are

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Q1. An operator in the Testing group has temporarily locked a managed computer so that it will not be affected by ongoing testing. She is now ready to unlock the computer and finds the computer in the Computers node of the All Content domain. How would she unlock the computer? A. Right-click the computer and select Unlock Computer from the Context menu. B. Right-click the computer, select Edit

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Q11. How can a non-master operator view all the results in the IBM Endpoint Manager console for an analysis that was globally activated? A. All Content domain > Analyses node, select the analysis in the list pane, and select the results tab in the work area. B. Analyses domain > All Content node, select the content in the list pane, and select the computers tab in the work area. C. All C

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Q51. Which two Adobe products are supported by IBM Endpoint Manager Patching? A. Adobe Reader B. Adobe Photoshop C. Adobe after Effects D. Adobe Flash Player E. Adobe Dream Weaver Answer: A,D Reference: https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/community/wikis/home?lang=en#!/wiki/Tivoli+Endpoi nt+Manager/page/Updates+for+Mac+Applications Q52. What is the purpose of the Refresh Console button in

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Q41. A user realizes after rebooting his Mac that the IBM Endpoint Manager (IEM) daemon has not started. Which daemon should the user start? A. IEM Client B. BES Client C. BES Agent D. BES Plug-in Answer: C Q42. When Send Refresh is sent to a computer (or group of computers) using the IBM Endpoint Manager (IEM) console, how does the endpoint respond? A. The client evaluates new content an

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Q1. An administrator is required to Take Action from a custom Fixlet which is not showing any relevant machines. After inspecting the Fixlet the administrator has discovered that the group of endpoints that he manages were excluded in the Fixlet relevance statement. What can be done to bypass this? A. Take Action Execution tab. select ...ignore action relevance and force execution. B. Take Acti