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Q21. Which statement characterizes the dashDB service? A. It is optimized for time series data. B. It is designed for analytic queries. C. It is optimized for normalized data. D. It is based upon the MySQL engine. Answer: B Explanation: The dashDB service in IBM Bluemix is an example of an in memory, columnar databases service. dashDB is based on DB2 BLU and its columnar organizations favo

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Q11. Which three features are provided by IBM Bluemix DevOps Services?(Select three.) A. web code editor B. Delivery Pipeline C. database management D. application usage statistics E. source control management F. automatic unit test generation Answer: A,B,E Reference:https://www-304.ibm.com/partnerworld/wps/servlet/download/DownloadServlet?id=7do7u9UN5SciPCA $cnt&attachmentName=Study_G

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Q21. A developer is creating an application to search social media for pictures with specific content, What IBM Bluemix PaaS service should they use? A. DreamFace B. AlchemyAPI C. Personality Insights D. Monitoring and Analytics Answer: B Reference:http://www.alchemyapi.com/api/image-link-extraction Q22. Which three features are provided by IBM Bluemix DevOps Services?(Select three.) A.

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Q11. According to this application Overview panel image, how is the memory quota (measured in MB) applied to the two instances? A. each instance gets 512 MB of memory B. each instance shares the available memory C. the instance that receives the most traffic gets the most memory D. the instance will divide the memory quota evenly, each receiving 256 MB of memory Answer: B Q12. How are mana

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Q21. A developer is going into production with aconsumerweb application in IBM Bluemix PaaS. The developer is keen to understand how the application is performing to maximize customer retention. The scaling history for the application shows repetitive scale out and scale in actions. To reduce resources used by each instance startup, the developer wants the scaling service to wait longer before t

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Q11. A team of developers is working on a single repository in IBM Bluemix DevOps Services. Which DevOps feature should be used to confirm the integrity of their source code by running tests every time code is delivered to the shared repository? A. Source Control: Test code upon commit B. Web IDE: Enable Automatic Unit Testing C. Delivery Pipeline: Configure a build stage D. Track & Plan: