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Q21. What does IBM mean by an evolutionary DevOps transformation?A. DevOps solutions are primarily targeted at addressing the needs of cloud-native teams.B. Cloud ready teams adopt cloud-native practices, resulting in a multi-speed IT environment.C. A set of identified innovation teams are going through a disruptive transformation, with a complete new set of processes/practices and a new DevOps t

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Q11. Which DevOps principle describes an approach to system and application design that protects users against downtime and ensures that users remain connected to their documents, data files and business applications?A. continuous availabilityB. always on deploymentC. microservice architectureD. high availabilityAnswer: AQ12. Which two offerings are used in continuous deployment and full-stack p

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Q1. How does Design Thinking benefit DevOps?A. It helps DevOps teams get aligned, stay aligned, and stay in touch with user requirements.B. It helps development teams create empathy for operations teams which results in higher customer satisfaction and better code quality.C. It helps DevOps teams find the features that have a delightful user interface (UI), and therefore, can be delivered in the

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Q21. An organization is adopting a DevOps toolchain. What are three recommendations that should be given around the toolchain design process?A. Design a toolchain to streamline activities by combining,orchestrating or removing them.B. Design a toolchain that applies to all DevOps projects.C. Design a toolchain to help identify tool integrations and handoffs.D. Design a toolchain as a foundational

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Q1. Which two statements are true regarding DevOps value stream mapping to identify bottlenecks that need to be addressed in a DevOps adoption roadmap? (Choose two.)A. A DevOps toolchain has been identified and agreed upon.B. Organizationmaturity level regarding DevOps is realized.C. Improvement are prioritized.D. Release and iteration planning are organized.E. Business and IT goals are identifie

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Q1. Which IBM DevOps product is a customizable continuous integration server optimized for the enterprise?A. IBM UrbanCode BuildB. IBM Runbook AutomationC. IBM Active DeployD. IBM UrbanCode DeployAnswer: AQ2. Why would a DevOps team use Logstash?A. In order to consume data from a multitude of sources simultaneously, parse it and transform it to converge onto a common format.B. To provide a distr

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Q21. A team of developers is conducting their daily scrum meeting to review the backlog and coordinate the discussion of newly recorded defects and feedback from the application users. Which IBM solution would help them achieve this task?A. IBM UrbanCode DeployB. IBM ConnectionsC. IBM UrbanCode CollaborateD. IBM Rational DOORSAnswer: AQ22. A DevOps engineer started to work with a telco company o