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Q21. In which of the following files would a developer define the database name for his/her Cúram application? A. datamanager_config.xml B. Application.prx C. Bootstrap.properties D. ApplicationConfiguration.properties Answer: C Q22. Which of the following statements are correct? A. After making modeling changes in RSA, build generated will be required, but build database may not be nece

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Q11. For which two of the following customizations is it compliant to subclass an entity? [Select 2] A. Add a new attribute B. Override an attribute C. Override a database operation D. Override a non-database (<<blank>>) operation E. Enable an exit point for an operation Answer: D,E Q12. Consider the following hand-crafted SQL statement (written for an <<ns>> entit

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Q1. Examine the piece of code shown: Which two of the following statements about this piece of code are true? [Select 2] A. The INITIAL element must be defined within a CONNECT element inside a FIELD element B. The HIDDEN_PROPERTY should have the same name as the TARGET PROPERTY C. A drop-down list containing the values for first and second is displayed D. A SOURCE element could also be adde

C7010-010 | Verified IBM C7010-010 exam dumps

Q21. The default control for CODETABLE values in a Cúram page is a drop-down menu. The default control for CODETABLE values in a Cúram page is a drop-down menu. How can this be replaced with a set of radio buttons? A. Ensure that the underlying Domain Definition on the model resolves to SHORT_CODETABLE_CODE. B. Set the SHORT attribute on the FIELD to true. C. Set the Radio Button option on t

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Q21. Suppose that a new Process class has been created in a model and a build generated command is performed. What needs to be done next? A. Implement the methods in the generated impl version of the class. B. Copy the generated impl class from the build/svr/gen/temp folder into the impl package. C. Create a new class in the impl package. D. Implement the modeled methods in the base class. A

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Q1. Review the Screenshot presented. What type of application navigation element can be expected to correspond with the element highlighted by the red box? A. Selection B. Menu C. Tab D. Navigation E. Shortcut-Tab Answer: B Q2. Which of the following statements about handcrafted service layer classes is true? A. Google Guice dispatches events to listeners B. The Persistence Infrastruct