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Q41. - (Topic 3) The administrator cannot ping the hostname of any system on the local network, including LPARs in the same managed system that have virtual Ethernet adapters configured on the same subnet and VLAN. What is the most likely cause of this problem? A. The Ethernet cable from the system to the switch is disconnected or faulty. B. The Shared Ethernet Adapter in the Virtual I/O Serve

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Q31. - (Topic 4) Given the NIB configuration shown below, what is the most likely reason that after a link failure for ent0, there was no automatic failover to ent2? A. Alternate Address is not set B. No Internet Address to Ping is specified C. Automatically Recover to Main Channel is set to yes D. ent0 and ent2 have different media speeds specified Answer: B Q32. - (Topic 3) Which TWO c

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Q21. - (Topic 3) An administrator has used setsecattr to associate authorizations with an AIX commanD. The appropriate stanza has been added to the privileged commands database (/etc/security/privcmds). What must be done before the new authorization can be used? A. Run the setkst command to update the kernel security tables. B. Assign a new role that the authorization can be associated with an

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Q11. - (Topic 2) An AIX LPAR has been saved using the mksysb command to a file called LPAR1_mksysb located in the /backup directory. Which command displays the contents of the mksysb backup? A. mksysb-v-f/backup/LPAR1_mksysb B. restore -Tqf /backup/LPAR1_mksysb C. listvgbackup -f/backup/LPAR1_mksysb D. backup-i -v-f/backup/LPAR1_mksysb Answer: C Q12. - (Topic 3) A volume group is mirrore

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Q1. - (Topic 3) Which command is used to determine the memory use of either a particular process or whole AIX system? A. netpmon B. vmstat C. svmon D. truss E. ps F. rmss Answer: C Q2. - (Topic 4) Which of the following is a requirement for EtherChannel using HEA ports? A. Dedicated HEA portsare supported as primary adapters when they are configured at different speeds within a single

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Q81. - (Topic 1) How can an administrator disable Role Based Access Control (RBAC) in a WPAR? A. Run chattr -E -I sys0 -a enhanced_RBAC=false Reboot the WPAR B. Run the RBAC wizard and deselect 'Enable RBAC Reboot the system C. Run chdev -I mywpar -a enhanced_RBAC=false Reboot the Global Environment D. Run chwpar -a RBAC=false Reboot the WPAR Answer: C Q82. - (Topic 2) How can an adm

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Q71. - (Topic 4) Which resource is required to make the cluster configuration data available when using Cluster Aware AIX? A. A cluster controller node that keeps the cluster configuration data synchronized between nodes. B. An NFS file system that is accessible with read/write permissions by all nodes that form the cluster. C. A supported disk in a highly available storage configuration that

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Q61. - (Topic 3) A system is being taken from AIX 6 to AIX 7. Systems application and user data must be preserved. Which upgrade method will support this requirement? A. Migration B. Preservation C. New and Complete Overwrite D. NIM customization with a mksysb Answer: A Q62. - (Topic 2) An administrator wants to run secure commands as user1 from hosta to hostb using OpenSSH. Which action

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Q51. - (Topic 3) An administrator would like to update a VIO Server (VIOS) to the latest maintenance level. Which command, run from the restricted shell, will update the operating system on VIOS? A. vios_update B. update_all C. install-all D. updateios Answer: D Q52. - (Topic 2) A company has numerous LPARs hosting database servers, and three versions of the DBMS deployed in the environ

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Q31. - (Topic 3) Which Korn shell syntax is used to assign the directory of the called script to a variable called mydir? A. mydir=$(dirname $0) B. $mydir=$(dirname $0) C. mydir=${dirname $@} D. mydir=$(dirname $?) Answer: A Q32. - (Topic 4) Which of the following is a requirement for EtherChannel using HEA ports? A. Dedicated HEA portsare supported as primary adapters when they are con

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Q1. - (Topic 2) Which command will help determine if the primary Ethernet adapter in an EtherChannel has failed and the backup adapter is being used? A. ethstat B. entstat C. ifconfig D. Isagg Answer: B Q2. - (Topic 3) Which command will read a volume group backup stored at/dev/cd1 and restore the /myapp/app.c file to the /data/testcode directory? A. restorevgfiles -f /dev/cd1 -s -d /da

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Q141. - (Topic 1) AIX hasbeen installed on an LPAR with 32 GB of memory. What should be checked first, before increasing the paging space beyond the default 512MB? A. The maximum memory attribute in the LPAR profile. B. Quantity and size of hosted filesystems. C. Disk device distribution and utilization. D. Paging requirements of applications that will be hosted. Answer: D Q142. - (Topic

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Q121. - (Topic 3) An administrator would like to enable operators to list the submission times of all crontab files, but not to edit them. How can this be accomplished? A. Enable them to use the crontabcommand with Role Based Access Control (RBAC) B. Enable them to use the cronadm command with SUDO. C. Enable them to view the /var/spool/cron/log file with unix file permissions. D. Enable the

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Q111. - (Topic 2) A system administrator needs to create a new volume group (VG) which will contain 100 physical volumes. The physical volumes are 10GB in size. The company plans to increase from 100 to 150 physical volumes over a two year period. To ensure the VG can meet initial demand and grow without requiring changesat later date, what type of VG should be created? A. Create VG as a Big v

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Q101. - (Topic 4) How does PowerSC simplify security compliance and strengthen security? A. By integrating with IBM X-Forceto receive security updates B. By encrypting SRIOV adapter traffic C. By providing trusted system extensions D. By creating central repository of users Answer: C Q102. - (Topic 1) Whataction does the following command perform for a new AIX hdisk, hdisk1 ? chdev -I h

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Q91. - (Topic 4) With regard to planned maintenance, which statement about interim fix management is correct? A. The interim fix must be manually committed prior to applying the updates. B. The interim fix will be automatically committed as part of the update process. C. If the fileset associated with interim fix will not be updated, it still needs to be temporarily rejected. D. If the updat

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Q141. - (Topic 1) On AIX 7, which command will list a summary of the issues detected by Electronic Service Agent? A. esacli errpt B. esacli problem C. esacli status D. esacli activity Answer: B Q142. - (Topic 4) When updating a device attribute utilizing the -P flag with the chdev command, which of the following is true? A. The device attribute will be updated for the parent of the devi

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Q121. - (Topic 1) What is a requirement for Live Partition Mobility? A. The network and disk must be virtual. B. The disk must be virtual and a Logical Host Ethernet Adapter (LHEA) for network. C. The client partition must be connected to a SAN. D. The client partition must be set up asa 'Mover Service Partition’. Answer: A Q122. - (Topic 4) After successfully mirroring rootvg usin

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Q111. - (Topic 4) When attempting to connect to a remote system, a long delay is experienced before the login prompt is displayed. Which of the following is the most likely cause of this issue? A. The /etc/resolv.conf file on the remote system is missing. B. The /etc/resolv.conf file on the remote system has an invalid entry. C. The /etc/hostsfile on the remote system does not have an entry f

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Q101. - (Topic 4) An existing client LPAR has been manually movedfrom one physical machine to another. The administrator updated the SAN zoning to deallocate from the source VIO Server and allocate to the destination VIO Server. The LPAR and its profile were recreated on the HMC and the single disk is mapped from the VIO Server to the LPAR. What manual intervention is required after activating