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Q31. A customer has a requirement to run multiple versions of z/OS on the same IBM z Systems server. Which of the following allows a customer to run multiple copies of z/OS? A. VMware B. HiperSockets C. PR/SM D. HiperDispatch Answer: C Q32. Which capability of z Systems allows it to deliver ‘extreme’ virtualization? A. z Systems processors are more powerful than other processors. B.

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Q21. A customer with offices in a large metro area uses CICS and ADABAS on an older z10 EC mainframe. They also have a PC server environment administered by a separate IT sub-organization.  The distributed environment consists of several dozen x86 and rack-mounted blades running a mixture of HTTP/web serving, many small DBMSs (i.e., SQL-Server, Oracle, Informix) and a few Windows-based locally-w

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Q11. A customer is comparing the z/OS Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Services to digital certificates from an external certificate authority.  What could be done to persuade the customer to choose the IBM solution? A. Propose IBM GTS services to implement the solution. B. Demonstrate the benefits of the Cryptographic Coprocessor. C. Propose a Scorpion study. D. Propose a Proof-of-Concept to

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Q1. A resiliency plan must address which of the following business requirements? A. Comply with software terms and audit requirements. B. Provide intrusion detection and security. C. Prepare for scheduled and unscheduled events. D. Address government data privacy regulations and guidelines. Answer: B Q2. A customer is running z/OS 1.11 on a z196. The customer needs to upgrade to z/OS versi

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Q31. A customer is interested in consolidating more of their x86 applications on z Systems. They understand the benefits, but are concerned about cost. TCA = Total cost of Acquisition TCO = Total cost of Ownership over 3 years What should the seller emphasize? A. Although the TCO may be higher than competitors, the TCA may be lower. B. Although TCO may be lower than competitors, the software co

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Q21. Which of the following is a Disaster Recovery Solution that requires Recovery Time and Point objectives and uses the System Data Mover function? A. GDPS / Active-Active B. GDPS / PPRC C. GDPS / XRC D. GDPS / HyperSwap Manager Answer: C Reference: http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/z/advantages/gdps/offerings/ Q22. What is the primary role of a z Systems seller in driving an anti-fraud so

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Q11. A customer with a small subcapacity model z13402 is thinking about moving distributed Linux applications onto their existing mainframe. The customer seems hesitant, because they believe the reduced capacity processors may negatively influence Linux performance. What would be the appropriate argument for a Linux on z Systems solution? A. Specialty engines (e.g. IFLs) operate at full speed an

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Q1. An installed z Systems customer has asked for assistance determining what size processor would be needed to handle their future growth. They estimate growth of approximately 5% a year for the next five years. Which of the following would be the most appropriate action? A. Use the customer’s growth estimate and an IBM MIPs chart to project requirement. B. Perform a z Systems assessment usi

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Q1. A customer is using  GDPS / Active-Active for  their failover model  for continuous availability. Which type of a solution offering is this? A. Software B. Storage C. Financial D. Hardware Answer: A Q2. Which capability of z Systems allows it to deliver ‘extreme’ virtualization? A. z Systems processors are more powerful than other processors. B. z/VM supports thousands of virtu

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Q31. A customer has a z13 machine with CPACF feature installed on the machine. They want to add Trusted Key Entry Workstation to support a new security project. Which z13 feature card is required to support this requirement? A. OSA Express5S 1000BaseT B. FICON Express16S C. Crypto Express5S D. OSA Express5S 10GB Answer: C Reference: http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/technotes/tips1257.pdf(page 6