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Q31. A system administrator has created a Python script called globalScript. py.What should the administrator do to ensure globalScript. py is loaded when the wsadmin shell is used?A. Compile globalScript.py to a Java class in the bin directory.B. Invoke wsadmin with the argument-profileName globalScript.py.C. Modify the configureCustomProperty script to import globalScript. py.D. Set the script

C9510-401 | how many questions of C9510-401 exam dumps?

Q21. While monitoring a cluster in the cell, the administrator notices that one server in the cluster periodically loses connections to the database. When this happens, requests to the server have a significantly decreased response time and various error conditions are listed in the log files for the server. Since the error codes are returned quickly, the server starts returning responses faster

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Q11. Which one of the following options describes the runtime flow starting from the client browser in a clustered WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment topology?A. HTTP server -> job manager -> admin agent -> HTTP server plug-inB. Load balancer -> HTTP server -> HTTP server plug-in -> application serverC. Application server -> node agent -> deployment manager -&

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Q1. In a test environment, a system administrator has configured an external HTTP server in the DMZ that is routing to a cluster of application servers. The administrator wants to achieve higher performance when routing and prioritizing incoming requests to the back- end cluster.How can the system administrator achieve this task?A. Configure a cluster of external HTTP servers.B. Enable the prefer

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Q31. An organization updated their LDAP directories and modified user roles. The roles that were configured to have access to a highly secured enterprise application were deleted and new roles with new names were created. The application then had security related exceptions.How can a system administrator resolve the exceptions and restore security for the application?A. Modify the mapping of secu

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Q11. A new cell contains a cluster with members defined in two managed nodes running on two different machines. The cell also contains two unmanaged nodes running on HTTP servers with HTTP plug-in. Session persistence has been enabled.Which additional component(s) can the system administrator configure to make this environment highly available?A. Enable administrative security.B. Configure a DMZ

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Q1. A system administrator needs to view the list of certificates for unmanaged web server located on a remote system.How should the administrator do this?A. View the plugin-cfg.xmlB. Look at the SSL configuration in the httpd.confC. Use iKeyman to view the keyring.D. Use the administrative console to check the content of the cell default keystore.Answer: BExplanation: Reference: http://www.cse.yo

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Q31. Which of the following comprises an initial Liberty profile server process?A. A single JVM, the Liberty kernel, and feature manager.B. A single JVM, an OSGI framework and an object request broker.C. An OSGI framework, a web container and an EJB container.D. An administrative agent, the Liberty kernel and shared libraries.Answer: CExplanation: Reference: https://www-01.ibm.com/support/knowled