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Q21. What are the development phases defined by the Formal Project Management process template? A. Inception, Elaboration, Construction, Transition B. Inception, Definition, Construction, Transition C. Design, Implementation, Testing, Deployment D. Requirements, Design, Implementation, Testing Answer: D Q22. What does the permission indicated below in the Team Configuration of a Project Ar

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Q11. Which capabilities does Rational Team Concert support out-of-the-box? A. process configuration, reporting, and business process management B. task tracking, planning, and source control management C. build automation, performance testing, and test virtualization D. planning, real time dashboards, and use-case modeling Answer: B Q12. Which format is used to download the results of a wo

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Q1. What are three ways a new work item can be created? (Choose three.) A. from an existing work item B. from the RTC Screenshot tool C. from an incoming email D. from a build result Answer: A,B,D Q2. Which three work item types appear by default in the Scrum template? (Choose three.) A. epic B. milestone C. defect D. retrospective E. sprint Answer: A,C,D Q3. A user creates a plan

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Q1. Which three Rational Team Concert user interfaces allow users to request and view build results? (Choose three.) A. Eclipse client B. Visual Studio client C. web client D. command line E. Customer Information Control System Answer: A,B,C Q2. Which two build types are supported with Rational Team Concert? (Choose two.) A. personal builds B. composite builds C. public builds D. para

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Q11. Roles can be defined at which levels? A. project and timelines B. project and team area C. team area and timelines D. Iteration and release Answer: B 22. Which statement is true about the structure of a project area? A. A project area may contain a team area B. A project area can contain only one timeline C. A project area is contained in a team area D. A project area is included i

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Q11. What is a function of a snapshot? A. to create a picture file of a specific work item in an iteration plan B. to capture the state of all the components in a stream or workspace C. to lock a set of files in a repository workspace and provide isolation D. to track the flow targets for a repository workspace to another workspace Answer: B 9. What is associated with a project area and is