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Q21. A system administrator needs to know whether the elapsed time between a put and a get operation on a queue is greater than 10 milliseconds. What can system administrator do to get this information? A. Run the DISPLAY QUEUE command and check the CRTIME value. B. Run the DISPLAY QSTATUS command and check the MSGAGE value. C. Set ACTIVREC(QUEUE) and ACTIVINT(10) on the queue manager. D. Se

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Q11. In a network topology, a queue manager will have multiple clients connecting to a single server-connection channel by using a TCP client-connection channel. The channel must be configured so that an idle client does not stay connected. To support this topology, the system administrator should: A. set the KAINT attribute on the client-connection channel. B. set the MRTMR attribute on the c

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Q1. A system administrator needs to collect monitoring data on an AIX system for performance analysis purposes. The system administrator needs to find out how many messages are put on and retrieved from a queue, and the total number of bytes that the queue processes during a configured interval. How can the system administrator enable the collection of the required data and set the interval to 1

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Q21. The security exit code for a RECEIVER channel has been modified. What does the system administrator have to do to activate the changed security exit with minimum impact to the running systems? A. Stop and restart the queue manager. B. Stop and restart the channel from the SENDER size. C. Issue command REFRESH SECURITY TYPE(EXIT). D. Issue command ALTER CHANNEL (<channel_name>) SCY

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Q1. On a Sun Solaris system, applications cannot connect to a queue manager QM1 and are getting reason code 2009 MQRC_CONNECTION_BROKEN. a. What are the command(s) a system administrator can issue to check the queue manager status? b. If the queue manager does not end with the endmqm –i command, what does the system administrator need to do to be able to restart the non-responsive queue manag

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Q21. IBM MQ will be installed into a multi-instance queue manager environment. After defining the shared file system, the system administrator created the queue manager QMA on the first server. How can the system administrator create the second queue manager in order for it to be the standby instance? A. Change the STANDBY option in the queue manager object to PERMITTED. B. Use dspmqinf on the

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Q11. A system administrator needs to design a solution for transferring confidential data from a financial institution that is using MQ network to another institution that is using non-MQ network and FTP/SFTP protocols. The data must be protected while the messages are on the queues on the MQ network and during the transfer. How can the system administrator do this? A. Use IBM MQ Managed File T