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Q21. How can a deployed transformation be specified? A. After the page has been deployed to the console, it can be specified on the transformation definition using the transformation descriptor. B. The transformation cannot be deployed until it has been specified on the wire definition using the wire descriptor or when editing the page in the console user interface. C. After the transformation

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Q11. Which three functions ate petfotmed by nco_sqI? A. creates ObjectServers B. stops the ObjectServer C. changes the properties of the probes D. switches modes for the J DBC gateway E. deletes events from the alerts.status table F. adds the tables and columns needed by the probes Answer: B,E,F Q12. What are the correct steps to open a Map Creation editor? A. Administration > Event

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Q1. How does the event display change when an event is acknowledged? A. The acknowledged event is forwarded to the person owning the event. B. The acknowledged event changes to a darker shade of the same color. C. The acknowledged event is removed and put on the acknowledged table. D. The acknowledged event looks the same but has the acknowledged flag set. Answer: C Q2. Using the native ev

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Q1. Which two options are available when searching in the Active Event List? A. String B. Date/time C. Exact Match D. Complete Match E. Regular Expression Answer: B,C Q2. Which Web GUI portlet allows grouping of events by fields? A. Event Viewer B. Java Event List C. Event Presenter D. Active Event List Answer: A Q3. When the target of an event is a page, where is the event deliver

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Q11. What does the GuickFilter with the Equals submenu option do when the Node value of an event is selected? A. The event list refreshes to display all events. B. The event list refreshes to display events sorted by Node column. C. The event list refreshes to display events with left/right justification of Node column. D. The event list refreshes to display only those events that have same v

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Q31. While configuring the history settings of the Accelerated Event Notification what is the maximum duration the message can be kept in the history buffer using the Remove Messages Older Than parameter? A. 1 day B. 1 week C. 1 month D. 1 quarter Answer: B Q32. On a mobile device, a particular severity filter has been selected. How is severity filtering removed so the Event List is resto

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Q1. How long can a pop-up notifier of an Accelerated Event Notification exist on the screen before it is automatically removed? A. maximum 2 minutes B. maximum 10 minutes C. maximum 15 minutes D. maximum 60 minutes Answer: B Q2. Which type of roles can be deleted by an IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus administrator? A. all roles B. no roles C. admin roles D. custom roles Answer: A Q3. Usi