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Q61. Which action is a requirement in order to download and install the Tivoli Remote Diagnostic agent? A. Admin mode must be turned on in order to enable downloading the agent. B. None; the Tivoli Remote Diagnostic agent does not require an installation. C. A user must be logged into the IBM SmartCloud Control Desk to obtain the agent. D. None; the agent is available for download for IBM Sma

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Q51. What is the purpose of selecting the Known Error check box? A. It copies the problem summary and details to a new Bulletin Board Message for all users to see. B. It enables the New Row button on the Related Records tab so additional records can be linked to the problem. C. It adds the problem to the collection of known errors that service desk agents use to provide quick resolution to rel

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Q41. In the Self Service property file, link<x> defines a function that is available in the Self Service Center. What does the x refer to? A. The name of the function B. The name of the application C. The position of this function in the menu D. The name of the process that will be linked to the Self Service Center Answer: C Q42. According to ITIL best practices, what is the primary

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Q31. What type of record can be created using the E-mail Listeners application? A. User B. Invoice C. Incident D. Work Order Answer: C Q32. There is no New button or action in the Incident application. What is the likely cause? A. The User record has been set to an inactive status. B. The application is in Admin Mode and is being updated. C. The user is not in a security group with the

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Q21. In IBM SmartCloud Control Desk V7.5, which two fields can use substitution variables in the Communication Templates application? (Choose two.) A. To B. Subject C. Reply To D. Message E. Send From Answer: B,D Q22. Which field can be defined on a Ticket Template? A. Vendor B. Source C. Customer D. Service Level Agreement Answer: A Q23. An IT support specialist is creating a new

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Q11. What are two methods to place a new Service Request (SR) under a Service Level Agreement (SLAy? (Choose two.) A. The SLA is applied with an action within a workflow. B. Click the Apply SLA action from the Select Action menu. C. A ticket template includes a SLAt0 be applied to the SR. D. A SLA is defined as part of the classification used on the SR. E. The self-service user selects a val

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Q1. In IBM SmartCloud Control Desk V7.5, which two types of records can be related to a service group? (Choose two.) A. Users B. Assets C. Access D. Locations E. Time Zones Answer: B,D Q2. IBM SmartCloud Control Desk V7.5 provides new user interlaces of simplified and expert for the Service Requests, Incidents, and Changes applications. Which action revokes user access to the Desk Agent E

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Q41. What are three purposes of the Offering dialog in the Self Service Center? (Choose three.) A. Modify the offering type B. re-classify the offering instance C. display the details of a descriptive offering D. allow the users to overwrite the offering workflows E. allow the user to launch the service for an action offering F. collect attribute information from the user for fulfillment of

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Q61. Which statement is true about the Offering Catalog application? A. Users can create and manage offerings. B. Users can create and manage offering catalogs. C. Users can submit requests for available offerings. D. Users can manage user access to specific offerings. Answer: C Q62. An incident may be associated with which two record types? (Choose two.) A. Asset B. Calendar C. Item Ma