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Northern Trail Outfitters is using a Smart Capture form on a CloudPage to capture contest registrations in a data extension. Corporate has requested a nightly file with all registrants in this data extension be sent daily from Marketing Cloud to an external SFTP. Which automation configuration should be used to achieve this?

  • A. Scheduled Automation > SQL Query Activity > File Transfer Activity
  • B. File Drop Automation > Data Extract Activity > File Transfer Activity
  • C. Scheduled Automation > Data Extract Activity > File Transfer Activity
  • D. File Drop Automation > SQL Query Activity > File Transfer Activity

Answer: B

The marketing teamwould like to refresh a filtered data extension on a recurring basis, by using a data filter named "Pref1-Tech" How can this process be automated?

  • A. Create a Filter Activity that selects the Pref1-Tech Data Filter, and then add the Filter Activity to anAutomation
  • B. Create a filtered Data Extension Activity that selects the Pref1-Tech Data Filter, and then add the Filtered Data Extension Activity to an Automation
  • C. Set a refresh schedule on a new filtered data extension, and select the Pref1-Techdata filter
  • D. Add the Pref1-Tech Data Filter to an Automation

Answer: B

The marketing team at Northern TrailOutfitters (NTO) is working to make newsletter emails more relevant to subscribers. The first step is to segment subscribers, so NTO is not sending a “batch and blast” newsletter. The second step is to personalize content based on the data that has been collected from subscribers.
What are two ways NTO can continue to improve the relevance of its newsletter? (Choose two.)

  • A. Use a substitution string to populate a subscriber’s name in the subject line.
  • B. Use a substitution string to populate a photo of thesubscriber in the header of the email.
  • C. Change the color of the email background to match their subscribers’ preferred color of choice.
  • D. Create content tailored to subscribers’ interests and use dynamic rules to populate relevant content.

Answer: BC

A marketer is preparing an email for sending and completing quality assurance checks. Which testing feature mirrorslogic used by spam filters to identify words, phrases, and patterns that are likely triggers, allowing marketers to make changes that will improve deliverability?

  • A. Spam Check
  • B. Validate
  • C. Content Detective
  • D. Subscriber Preview

Answer: C

The marketing team would like to sendan email to an audience on a weekly basis. The team receives multiple files each week that need to be imported and joined to build the target audience for the email. Which tool is recommended to execute this process?

  • A. Automation Studio
  • B. Playbooks
  • C. Data Extract Activity
  • D. Filter Activity

Answer: C

A marketing team is creating a new data extension. The data extension configuration is very similar to a data extension that is already In use.
What creation method should the team use to create the new data extension?

  • A. Create from Template
  • B. Create from New
  • C. Create from a Filtered Data Extension
  • D. Create from Existing

Answer: D

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to ensure its emails are meeting subscriber expectation and enticing engagement.
Which 2 best practices should NTO employ when sending email?

  • A. Set Cadence Expectations to front with Subscribers
  • B. Send genericcontent to appeal to all audicences.
  • C. Send Multiple emails a day to keep the brand top of mind
  • D. Use Subscriber data to dynamically populate email content

Answer: AD

Which actions are taken when a subscriber selects the "one-click unsubscribe" link at the footer of an email sent from a list?

  • A. The subscriber is automatically redirected to the subscription center to unsubscribe from publications
  • B. The subscriber is automatically unsubscribedfrom All Subscribers at the enterprise level
  • C. The subscriber is automatically unsubscribed from the business unit from which the send originated
  • D. The subscriber is automatically unsubscribed from the list from which the send originated

Answer: A

A marketer plans to send a transactional email.
Which three criteria should be met to ensure compliancewith the CAN-SPAM Act? (Choose three.)

  • A. The subject line contains a promotion to entice the recipient.
  • B. The email body presents the transactional content prior to any commercial content.
  • C. The email body presents any commercial content prior to the transactional content.
  • D. The email confirms a transaction between the recipient and sender.
  • E. The subject line is transactional in nature and non-promotional.

Answer: BDE

A client leverages transactional messages to send ad-hoc order confirmations. Which type of message is most suitable in this situation?

  • A. Triggered Email
  • B. Test Send
  • C. Guided Send
  • D. User Initiated Email

Answer: A

Northern Trail Outfitters' marketing team includes the nearest store to customers in the templates of its emails.
The data extension only needs to be updated when store information changes, such as when a new store opens or a store close.
How can this be achieved?

  • A. Create an automation to begin when information changes on a store object using a workflow rule
  • B. Create a file drop automationto initiate when the store’s data extension is updated via import
  • C. Create a scheduled automation to import the file on a recurring basis with store information
  • D. Create a file drop automation to import the file when placed on the specified directory onthe EnhancedFTP

Answer: A

A marketer needs to import a text file and does not have access to the account's Enhanced FTP site. What is the recommended way to import the data?

  • A. Data Extract Activity Interaction
  • B. Import Subscriber Wizard
  • C. Import Activity Interaction
  • D. Manual Data Filter Refresh

Answer: B

Which action will the Validate tool complete when initiated?

  • A. Ensure subscribers have not unsubscribed or are undeliverable
  • B. Confirm that each content area specified in the dynamic content rules exists
  • C. Identify phrases like "click here" or "Free!" that could be marked as spam
  • D. Ensure subscribers status at the time of send is Subscribed or Bounced

Answer: B

A marketer wants to create an email that will look great on both a desktop computer and a mobile device. However the marketer is not familiar with writing code for responsive design and does not have available resources to design the email. Which template can the marketer choose when creating an email?

  • A. Responsive Web template
  • B. Media template
  • C. Mobile-optimized template
  • D. Standard template

Answer: C

Which file type delimiter is available in the Import Wizard? (Choose 3)

  • A. Pipe
  • B. Other
  • C. Comma
  • D. Fixed Length
  • E. Tab

Answer: BCE

A national public university distributed a newsletter to alumni, students, faculty, and prospective students. The university's marketing team wants to see the results of the email campaign.
Which two items of information and data about the performance of an individual send can be exported from Tracking in Email Studio?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Subscribers who click on a specific link
  • B. Performance data on the Overview tab
  • C. Number of clicks from mobile devices
  • D. Images showing how the email rendered on different devices

Answer: BD

A national landscaping company wants to send targeted emails tocustomers to remind them of their upcoming lawn treatment. Depending on the service, customers will receive either one or two emails. The data for the campaign is in two separate data extensions. Customer Number is a Primary Key field in both dataextensions. Which two tools could be used to segment the data? (Choose two.)

  • A. Data Extract Activity
  • B. SQL Query Activity
  • C. Send Definition
  • D. Filters

Answer: BD

NTO just hired a new associate whose …email is going to start creating and deploying the companies’ monthly campaigns and NTO need to ensure that no mistakes are made. Which two elements of the sent can be reviewed with approvals? Choose two answers

  • A. hyperlinks
  • B. from name
  • C. send count
  • D. subject line

Answer: BD

NTO wants its emails to render uniquely between mobile and desktop devices. NTO would like the emailsto be responsive. Which two techniques should be used? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Include @media query CSS in the email
  • B. Use a Basic, Empty or Themed Template in Content Builder
  • C. Use inline CSS styling on all HTML elements
  • D. Include style="display:block" on all images

Answer: AC


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