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Northern Train Outfitters wants to identify subscribers with something other than an email address. What value can be used to accommodate this?

  • A. Subscriber Key
  • B. Subscriber Attributes
  • C. Primary Key
  • D. System Preferences

Answer: A

If you don't have the option for offline tactics what could you consider? (Select 3)

  • A. Require email to create an account on website
  • B. Registration with incentive on website
  • C. Drive online loyalty program registration requiring email address
  • D. Promotecontent via social media that does not requires email registration to access

Answer: ABC

Approximately 50% of Northern Trail Outfitters' (NTO) subscribers open emails on their mobile devices, while the remaining 50% of subscribers open their emails on their desktop. The Chief Marketing Officer of NTO would like the emails to render well on both desktop and mobile devices, but does not want to spend a significant amount of time developing for each environment.
What is the recommended design approach?

  • A. Responsive Design
  • B. Desktop-centnc Design
  • C. Static Design
  • D. Mobile-aware Design

Answer: D

What is an Automation Studio activity? (Choose 3)

  • A. Wait Activity
  • B. Send Email
  • C. Triggered Send
  • D. Transfer File Activity
  • E. A/B Test Send Activity

Answer: ABD

An email marketing team has beentasked with building a new email that pulls in personalized content based on customers' preferences. The team has decided to create dynamic rules to accomplish this setup.
What are the four elements that are required for the creation of a dynamic content rule?

  • A. Preferences, Value, Operator, Lists
  • B. Lists, Value, Operator, Images
  • C. Customers, Value, Operator, Content
  • D. Attribute, Value, Operator, Content

Answer: D

When does the validation of email address occur when using a data extension?

  • A. Done at the time of Import
  • B. Done at thetime of Send
  • C. Done when admin refreshes it
  • D. Done when subscriber updates profile in the profile center

Answer: B

A Marketer developed an email with personalized content based on 5 geographical regions;
Northwest - Static Image; Southwest - Image carousel
Central - No content; Northeast - Static image;Southwest - Coupon; How many dynamic content rules need to be created to accomplish this?

  • A. 3
  • B. 6
  • C. 4
  • D. 5

Answer: A

A company has set out to increase their subscriberbase. They hired a team of marketing consultants to develop an acquisition plan backed by data.
What are two effective methods to acquire new subscribers? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Require customers to provide their email address when calling customer service.
  • B. Create an in-store SMS campaign that offers a discount for opting in.
  • C. Have customers opt in to email before they can shop online.
  • D. Ask for an email address when a customer makes a purchase in-store.

Answer: BD

A marketer is designing email for mobile devices.
Which three design best practices would the marketer use? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Stack the content in a single column.
  • B. Keep copy simple and direct.
  • C. Useimage-based text for hero graphics.
  • D. Cut content to make the message fit above the fold.
  • E. Design with the most important content at the top.

Answer: ABE

NorthernTrail Outfitters (NTO) is launching a custom, corporate-branded apparel website. They are concerned about the new initiative's campaign impacting deliverability on its consumer retail sends. NTO has purchased a second IP address to be used for the corporate site's email sending.
What feature would the NTO administrator use to specify which IP address is used for retail vs. corporate?

  • A. Sender Profile
  • B. Send Classification
  • C. Delivery Profile
  • D. Send Definition

Answer: C

A company has one million subscribers. The company has a Masterdata extension that contains information about its subscribers, such as Email Address, Physical Mailing Address, Phone Number, and Loyalty information. There are 40 fields in the data extension. The data is used for multiple daily email campaigns.
How should the data be updated?

  • A. A scheduled automation to import a file containing all of their subscribers.
  • B. A scheduled automation to import a nightly file of updated or changed records.
  • C. A scheduled automation to occur every 15 minutes to ensure the datais current.
  • D. A file drop automation to execute an import every time a record is updated or added.

Answer: D

What can be used to join two data extensions to segment via Drag and Drop Segmentation?

  • A. Subscriber Key
  • B. Subscriber ID
  • C. DataRelationship
  • D. Send Relationship

Answer: A

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) just hired a new associate who is brand new to email marketing to start creating and deploying the company's monthly campaigns. NTO wants to ensure no mistakes are made.
Which two elements of the send canbe reviewed with Approvals? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Hyperlinks
  • B. Subject Line
  • C. From Name
  • D. Send Count

Answer: BC

Each time Northern Trail Outfitters sends their monthly promotional email, the volume of supportcalls spike. The executive team wants the marketing team to slowly send emails throughout the day to avoid customers waiting on hold.
Which feature should be used?

  • A. Send Email Activity
  • B. Send Flow
  • C. Triggered Send
  • D. Send Throttling

Answer: D

A marketer at Northern Trail Outfitters must design a targeted email campaign for the company's new winter offerings. What email best practice should be used?

  • A. Limit the email text to 250 words.
  • B. Send to the entire subscriber base.
  • C. Personalize the email content.
  • D. Use an infographic email templat

Answer: C

Which two subscriberaudiences can be created by using Measures in a Data Filter. Choose 2 Answers

  • A. Subscriber within a 30-miles radius of a zip code
  • B. Subscribers who have submitted spam complaints in the last week
  • C. Subscriber who have opened an email in the past 30 days
  • D. Subscriber who have not clicked in the past three months

Answer: CD

A marketer sends an email to a sendable data extension that contains a Customer_ID field with a numeric data type that relates to the Subscriber Key in All Subscribers as a Send Relationship. What is a true statement about the email send behavior for any subscriber who currentlydoes NOT exist in All Subscribers? (Choose 2)

  • A. The Primary Key and demographic data will be added to All Subscribers
  • B. The subscriber will be added to All Subscribers with a status of Active
  • C. The email send will fail
  • D. The email address and Subscriber Key will be added to All Subscribers

Answer: BD

Which 3 options are available to create a template in marketing cloud? Choose 3

  • A. Content Builder
  • B. Template Editor
  • C. Paste HTML
  • D. Mobile Template Editor

Answer: ABC

NTO email teams creating a reusable content block for its deals to run with campaign, NTO will cross promote these campaign in other emails in a single column content area this content will have one Image with text below it, how can the NTO email team create one content area
and reuse it across other emails using content builder without writing any custom html.

  • A. Create an image content block that accommodates pictures
  • B. create a free flow content block that accommodates text and images
  • C. create an html content block and code the content by hand
  • D. create a text content block that accommodates text

Answer: B


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