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A local craft store is implementing the Marketing Cloud and will beusing Lists to store their subscriber data.
Which two types of data can subscribers easily update via the default Profile Center? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Data Extension Fields
  • B. Email Address
  • C. Order History
  • D. List Attributes

Answer: BD

Which three content blocks do you need to create using AMPscript to enable personalization?

  • A. First Name, Introduction, Conclusion
  • B. Full Name, Introduction, Conclusion
  • C. Greeting, First Name, LastName
  • D. Greeting, Introduction, Conclusion

Answer: D

A file is received daily from a data provider to the account SFTP. This file needs to be imported into Marketing Cloud as soon as it arrives. The arrival time of this file varies by several hours from day to day. What tools should be used to accomplish this?

  • A. Journey Builder Fire Event Entry Source
  • B. Automation Studio Schedule Starting Source
  • C. Automation Studio File Drop Starting Source
  • D. Journey Builder Import Activity Entry Source

Answer: C

A marketer at Northern Trail Outfitters is teaching new associates the essentials of designing emails for the company's subscribers. What is a key component of optimized email design? (Choose 3)

  • A. Build email templates with HTML Paste
  • B. Ensure the email renders well in mobile apps
  • C. Include an unsubscribe button
  • D. Segmentthe email's target audience
  • E. Included personalization and dynamic content

Answer: ABE

A marketer sent an email to a group of subscribers with an invalid link.
What step could the marketer take to correct the link after the email has been sent?

  • A. Change the URL Expiration in Email Administration
  • B. Update the link using AMPscript
  • C. Resend the email with the correct link
  • D. Change the link in Job Links under Tracking

Answer: D

A marketing team has switched from the Classic Editor to Content Builder in Email Studio. All images, content blocks, and emails were saved in one folder.
How should these saved items be found in Content Builder?

  • A. Create folders andmove content
  • B. Filter based on content type
  • C. Add tags to each piece of content
  • D. Rename content to be alphabetical

Answer: A

To write SQL that uses both customer data and system-generated data, what would they need to include in their query?

  • A. Data Filters
  • B. Measures
  • C. Data Views
  • D. All ofthe above

Answer: C

A marketer at Northern Train Outfitters has been tasked with growing its email subscriber audience.
Which three best practices should the marketer keep in mind while trying to acquire new email subscribers?

  • A. Automatically Opt-in all new customers.
  • B. Use explicit Opt-in for any new web Sign-ups.
  • C. The customers why they want to receive NTO emails
  • D. Set Expectation on send frequency and scheduled
  • E. Ask for detailed demographic information

Answer: BCD

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to use a File Drop Starting Source in Automation Studio to send shipping tracking emails when orders are dispatched. A delimited text file containing all the data for the send will be uploaded to a designated directory on the Enhanced SFTP Account, and the email should be sent to customers when the file transfer has completed.
What would be the correct sequence of Activities for this File Drop Starting Source?

  • A. File Transfer Activity > Send Email
  • B. Import FileActivity > File Transfer Activity > Send Email
  • C. File Transfer Activity > Import File Activity > Send Email
  • D. Import File Activity > Send Email

Answer: C

A marketing manager wants to provide unique content to each customer in an upcoming email campaign.
Which three features could be used to create individualized content in the email? Choose 3 answers

  • A. In Personalization strings
  • B. Dynamic content
  • C. Audience segmentation
  • D. In Einstein content
  • E. Specialized content

Answer: ABD

Which metric is the measure of emails rejected by a server due to permanent conditions such as"user unknown" or "domain not found"?

  • A. Soft Bounce
  • B. Validation Error
  • C. Unsubscribed
  • D. Hard Bounce

Answer: D

Which segmentation activity can be used to refresh data on a recurring schedule via an Automation? (Choose 2)

  • A. SQL Query activity
  • B. Data Extract activity
  • C. Filter activity
  • D. Segment activity

Answer: AC

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to send monthly birthday coupons to their subscribers. What feature would allow for easy segmentation?

  • A. AMPscript
  • B. Measures
  • C. Query Activities
  • D. Data Filters

Answer: D

A marketer needs to ensure that customers on a list want to be email subscribers. Additionally, the marketer wants of to minimize the number of invalid email addresses on the list, and add a level of security when usingWeb Collect functionality. What is the optimal way to accomplish this task?

  • A. Add new subscribers to an automated engagement campaign, and then send a series of welcome emails based on their opens and clicks.
  • B. Configure to return an error message for any email address that does not conform to standard conventions.
  • C. Send a welcome email to subscribers within 24 hours that includes a link to the website, a link to the terms and conditions page, and a customer service number.
  • D. Create a double opt-in campaign that requires subscribers to confirm their email address by clicking a link in an email they receive after subscribing via Web Collect.

Answer: B

Which tactic will improve deliverability for a new sender?

  • A. Send email during the holiday season when new senders are less likely to be detected
  • B. Send email to a minimum of 35,000 subscribers per ISP per day
  • C. Send email to ISPs that have been notified of the new sender
  • D. Send email to the most active and engaged customers

Answer: D

Which recipient option isavailable with Simple Send? (Choose 2)

  • A. Group
  • B. Data Filter
  • C. Data Extension
  • D. Audience
  • E. List

Answer: AE

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) has a Master Subscriber data extension that contains profile and preference information. Various segments are created from the Master Subscriber data extension and each segment will need to be automatically refreshed daily.
Which two activities should NTO consider using? (Choose two.)

  • A. SQL Query Activity
  • B. Segment Activity
  • C. Filter Activity
  • D. Data Extract Activity

Answer: AC

Northern Trail Outfitters sent three differentemails as part of a seasonal campaign and would like to compare the open and click-through rates across the emails.
Which feature will enable this?

  • A. Include Measures within a Filter
  • B. Email Comparison Report
  • C. Email Send Report
  • D. Compare Email Sends on the Tracking page

Answer: D

NTO is looking at using Journey Builder rather than Automation Studio to send emails. What are the three benefits of using Journey Builder? Choose 3 answers

  • A. The ability to set criteria to segment contacts based on behaviorusing SQL
  • B. The ability to extract data from an Audience data extension for analysis
  • C. The ability to set goals and have the system listen to see if users met the goal
  • D. The ability to setup A/B/N tests as part of the workflow to conduct timing and creative tests
  • E. The ability to update or create Salesforce CRM objects or records

Answer: CDE



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