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Northern Trail Outfitters is implementing Marketing Cloud and is unsure whether to use lists or data extensions. Their consultant recommended they use data extensions.
Which three considerations did the consultant take into account when recommending a data extension-based model over lists?
Choose 3 answers

  • A. They have fewer than 15 data points.
  • B. Flexible data storage is needed.
  • C. They have fewer than 250,000 subscribers.
  • D. They are storing product and store data.
  • E. Journey Builder willbe used.

Answer: BDE

The marketing manager of Northern Trail Outfitters is interested in A/B testing emails in order to increase subscriber engagement.
Which two practices should the marketing manager employ? (Choose two.)

  • A. Offer a special discount for opening the email.
  • B. Use a large sample size.
  • C. Wait at least 24 hours before declaring a winner.
  • D. Test multiple variations concurrently.

Answer: BC

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is launching a monthly newsletter for its subscribers to opt in to. NTO needs to ensure CAN-SPAM compliance.
In which two ways can they avoid emails being blocked or marked as spam? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Include a "Contact Us" link in the footer.
  • B. Use a clear "From" name that is easily recognized.
  • C. Include a physical mailing address of the company.
  • D. Use animated emojis in subject lines to draw the eye.

Answer: BC

A customer leverages transactional messages to send order confirmations. What type of message should be used in this situation?

  • A. Test Send
  • B. User-Initiated Email
  • C. Send Flow
  • D. Triggered Email

Answer: D

What is a personalization string?

  • A. A snippet of text that inserts subscriber attributes into an email
  • B. An automated way of scraping a websitefor content to populate inside of an email
  • C. The snippet of text at the top of the email that is visible before an email has been opened
  • D. A content area that will display based on a subscriber attribute

Answer: A

TO would like to evaluate which email content customers click most frequently. The email team wants to track clickbehavior for all linked hero image using the naming convention “Hero CTA”.
What are two method two ensure click behavior on these images is tracked with this naming convention.

  • A. Include “Hero_CTA” in the link tooltip field for each link
  • B. Add“”Hero_CTA” to the traking alias field for each link
  • C. Include “Hero_CTA” in the link filename for each hero Image
  • D. Include an alias attribute in each anchor tag and populate it with “Hero_CTA”

Answer: CD

What two additional best practices could be applied to the company's new email design? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Mobile optimized emails
  • B. Corresponding call-to-action included in primary message
  • C. Use of emojis in preheader text
  • D. A mix of old branding with new branding

Answer: A

A marketing team has a series of emails that will be sent to prospective customers. The audience will be built from data stored in two data extensions. they wouldlike to test engagement across multiple versions of the creative to determine which is most effective. Which tools will accomplish this?

  • A. Email Studio and Audience Builder
  • B. Automation Studio and Journey Builder
  • C. Journey Builder and Email Studio
  • D. Automation Studio and Content builder

Answer: C

A new data extension named "Orders" contains order data. One row is recorded for each customer's order. Customers can place multiple orders.The data extension Orders relates to other data extensions. The data extension Orders contains the following fields:
OrderNumber: a unique alphanumeric order number customerID: a numeric customer identification number OrderDate: the system date and time for the order
Instructions: an optional alphanumeric string that contains customer delivery notes. Which statement accurately reflects the configuration of the Orders Data Extension?

  • A. The OrderNumber field will be a Number data type field
  • B. All fields inthe data extension are nullable
  • C. CustomerID will be used as the Primary Key
  • D. OrderNumber will be used as the Primary Key

Answer: D

What is a capability of a data relationship?

  • A. Join three or more data extensions together to create a filtered data extension
  • B. Join a list and a data extension to filter the combineddata
  • C. Join data extensions together to create one combined data extension
  • D. Join data extensions to filter or segment the fields from data extensions

Answer: D

A marketer is configuring Path Optimizer in Journey Builder to test three different email subject lines. They want to configure a holdback audience to receive the winning path, but the option is unavailable.
Why would themarketer be unable to configure a holdback audience?

  • A. The Journey is a one-time scheduled send.
  • B. Holdback audiences are only available for A/B Tests.
  • C. The journey is scheduled to repeat.
  • D. Holdback audience cannot be used for subject lines tests.

Answer: D

The email marketing manager at Northern Trail Outfitters would like to build a new audience that will combine unique subscribers who are intheir Tent Purchasers data extension and their Tent Browsers data extension.
How should this new audience be created?

  • A. Create a Filter Activity in Automation Studio to combine the two data extensions.
  • B. Build a Group based on a Data Filter to combinethe two data extensions.
  • C. Export both data extensions and import into a new data extension.
  • D. Populate a data extension using an SQL Query Activity in Automation Studio.

Answer: C

A Marketer Sends an email to a Sendable data extension. The Data Extension has a Subscriber relationship that matches Customer_ID on the data extension to Subscriber Key on the AllSubscriber Lists.

  • A. The email will be sent to the email address stored on All Subscriber Lists
  • B. The email will be sent to the email address stored on Data Extension
  • C. The email will be sent to the field marked as the Primary Key
  • D. The email will besent to the subscriber Key on All Subscribers List

Answer: A

What does the validate tool check for? (Check all that apply)

  • A. The presence of an unsubscribe link
  • B. Invalid email address
  • C. A physical mailing address
  • D. Correct syntax for attributes
  • E. That each content area specified in the dynamic content rule exists

Answer: ACDE

Northern Trail Outfitters would like to use a File Drop Starting Source in Automation Studio tosend shipping tracking emails when orders are dispatched. A delimited text file containing all the data for the send will be uploaded to a designated directory on the Enhanced SFTP Account, and the email should be sent to customers when the file transfer has completed.
What is the correct sequence of Activities for this File Drop Starting Source?

  • A. Import File Activity > Send Email
  • B. Import File Activity > File Transfer Activity > Send Email
  • C. File Transfer Activity > Send Email
  • D. File Transfer Activity> Import File Activity > Send Email

Answer: D

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to ensure its emails are meeting subscriber expectations and enticing engagement.
Which two best practices should NTO employ when sending email? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Send generic content to appeal to all audiences.
  • B. Send multiple emails a day to keep the brand top of mind.
  • C. Set cadence expectations up front with subscribers.
  • D. Use subscriber data to dynamically populate email content.

Answer: CD

When importing data into marketing cloudthe list detective is triggered for which of the following?

  • A. Data Extenstions
  • B. List Model
  • C. Email Addresses
  • D. Email Alias

Answer: B

A customer has a Send Log they are using to track the email addresses that were sent to, date andtime of the send, and the name of the email sent for reporting purposes. Per best practice, the customer stores 30 days of data in their Send Log and then archives the data into another data extension that holds data for one year.
Which activity should beused to achieve the backup automatically?

  • A. Import File
  • B. Data Extract
  • C. SQL Query
  • D. Filter

Answer: D

A new employee is using Salesforce Marketing cloud and wants to send emails without any mistakes. he has no prior knowledge of SQL. Which tool he would use:

  • A. Scheduled Send Emails
  • B. Predictive Email
  • C. Journey Builder
  • D. Automation Studio

Answer: D


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