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Which is true about HTTPS on FortiWeb? (Choose three.)

  • A. For SNI, you select the certificate that FortiWeb will present in the server pool, not in the server policy.
  • B. After enabling HSTS, redirects to HTTPS are no longer necessary.
  • C. In true transparent mode, the TLS session terminator is a protected web server.
  • D. Enabling RC4 protects against the BEAST attack, but is not recommended if you configure FortiWeb to only offer TLS 1.2.
  • E. In transparent inspection mode, you select which certificate that FortiWeb will present in the server pool, not in the server policy.

Answer: ACE

When generating a protection configuration from an auto learning report what critical step must you dobefore generating the final protection configuration?

  • A. Restart the FortiWeb to clear the caches
  • B. Drill down in the report to correct any false positives.
  • C. Activate the report to create t profile
  • D. Take the FortiWeb offline to apply the profile

Answer: B

You are configuring FortiAnalyzer to store logs from FortiWeb. Which is true?

  • A. FortiAnalyzer will store antivirus and DLP archives from FortiWeb.
  • B. You mustenable ADOMs on FortiAnalyzer.
  • C. To store logs from FortiWeb6.0, on FortiAnalyzer, you must select “FrotiWeb 5.4”.
  • D. FortiWeb will query FortiAnalyzer for reports, instead of generating them locally.

Answer: B

You are using HTTP content routing onFortiWeb. Requests for web app A should be forwarded to a cluster of web servers which all host the same web app. Requests for web app B should be forwarded to a different, single web server.
Which is true about the solution?

  • A. Static or policy-based routes are not required.
  • B. To achieve HTTP content routing, you must chain policies: the first policy accepts all traffic, and forwards requests for web app A to the virtual server for policy
  • C. It also forwards requests for web app B to the virtual serverfor policy
  • D. Policy A and Policy B apply their app-specific protection profiles, and then distribute that app’s traffic among all members of the server farm.
  • E. You must put the single web server into a server pool in order to use it with HTTP content routing.
  • F. The server policy applies the same protection profile to all its protected web apps.

Answer: B

Under which circumstances does FortiWeb use its own certificates? (Choose Two)

  • A. Secondary HTTPS connection to server where FortiWeb acts as a client
  • B. HTTPS to clients
  • C. HTTPS access to GUI
  • D. HTTPS to FortiGate

Answer: AC

When viewing the attack logs on your FortiWeb, which IP Address is shown for the client when using XFF Header rules?

  • A. FortiGate’s public IP
  • B. FortiGate’s local IP
  • C. FortiWeb’s IP
  • D. Client’s real IP

Answer: D

What can an administrator do if a client has been incorrectly Period Blocked?

  • A. Disconnect the client from the network
  • B. Manually release the IP from thetemporary Blacklist
  • C. Nothing, it is not possible to override a Period Block
  • D. Force a new IP address to the client.

Answer: B

Reverse-proxy mode is best suited for use in which type of environment?

  • A. New networks where infrastructure is not yet defined
  • B. Environments where you cannot change your IP addressing scheme
  • C. Flexible environments where you can easily change the IP addressing scheme
  • D. Small Office/Home Office environments

Answer: B


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